Stephen Colbert and his late-night comrades did something that will leave you speechless

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Late-night comedy has fallen off a cliff.

The hosts have become mouthpieces for the DNC.

But Stephen Colbert and his late-night comrades did something that will leave you speechless.

Over the past 20 years, late-night comedy has taken a hard turn to the Left.

It’s one thing for hosts to be liberal, but it’s an entirely different thing for them to be paid spokesmen for a political party.

That’s what late-night comedy has become.

And the Media Research Center has the receipts to prove it.

MRC conducted a study that showed that from Labor Day 2022 to January 31, the late-night shows had a liberal to conservative ratio of 93 to 1.

That means 99% of the guests had a left-leaning bias.

The streak ended when Jimmy Kimmel brought on My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell to be the butt of a joke – Lindell had to agree to do the interview from a claw machine – but Lindell took the whole thing in stride.

Prior to Lindell’s recent appearance, the previous conservative to serve as a guest on late night television was Tim Scott when he appeared on The Daily Show on August 8, 2022.

The most biased of the hosts was Stephen Colbert.

Among politicians, Colbert led the way with ten partisan Democrats.

The overall total of Democrat to Republican political officials was 27 to 0.

As for celebrities, the total was 66 to 1 (i.e. Lindell), and Colbert again led the field with 21 guests.

Colbert, Kimmel, and the rest of the late-night comics are a far cry from Johnny Carson, who was a Democrat, but he at least lampooned both sides of the aisle.

When asked in an interview why he didn’t get more overtly political, Carson explained, “Tell me the last time that Jack Benny, Red Skelton, any comedian used his show to do serious issues. That’s not what I’m there for. Can’t they see that? Why do they think that just because you have a Tonight Show that you must deal in serious issues? It’s a danger. It’s a real danger. Once you start that, you start to get that self-important feeling that what you say has great import. And, you know, strangely enough, you could use that show as a forum. You could use that to sway people, and I don’t think you should as an entertainer.”

Unfortunately, late-night comedians did not heed Carson’s warning, and the culture is worse off as a result.

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