Star NFL player inspired Christians with one message after a scary incident

Atheists have attempted to remove religion from the public square.

But pro athletes continue to express their beliefs.

And a star NFL player inspired Christians with one message after a scary incident.

The NFL is a multi-billion-dollar business with lives and livelihoods on the line every week.

It’s almost unimaginable for a game to get canceled.

But that’s precisely what happened during the marquee week 17 matchup between Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals on Monday Night Football.

The entire sports world was in a frozen state of dread after Bills safety Damar Hamlin suffered cardiac arrest after making a seemingly routine tackle.

Hamlin lay motionless on the field for several minutes as medics performed life-saving CPR before he was finally transported to a hospital.

The game could not continue, as everyone involved was concerned if Hamlin would live through the night.

Thankfully, Hamlin is on the road to a full recovery, but his brush with death put everything into perspective for many athletes and coaches.

And Bills superstar quarterback Josh Allen said the incident strengthened his faith in God.

During a podcast interview, Allen admitted, “[There was] just kind of a spiritual awakening really for me, and I know for a lot of other people that maybe didn’t have the strongest belief, or wasn’t one of the biggest, strongest Christian followers.”

Allen added that he had to “accept it and lean on your brothers and share that moment with them.”

The Bills were able to rest easy knowing that Hamlin would be okay, and during the next game, the Bills returned the opening kickoff for a touchdown, which electrified the entire stadium.

Allen got choked up describing the moment after the game.

When asked about his post-game tears, Allen responded, “That kickoff return was pretty crazy, too. So there’s a lot of things that went on and a lot of . . . eye-opening situations that have stumbled upon us, or we’ve stumbled upon them . . . I was just going around and, I was just going around my team saying, ‘God is real.’ You can’t draw that one up, write that one up any better.”

Allen also confessed, “I’ll be the first to admit, I haven’t been the most devoted Christ-follower in my life, and I’ve had my different beliefs and thoughts and ideas . . . but something got hold of me there, and it was [something] extremely powerful that . . . I couldn’t deny.”

Bills coach Sean McDermott also expressed his faith after the heart-pounding Hamlin ordeal.

At a press conference, McDermott said, “I’m a man of faith, and it’s just fun to watch and be around a good group of people that work so hard towards a common goal . . . And they care so much in this case about Damar and all their teammates. Like I said, God is so good, and I believe — obviously an unfortunate situation — but God has shown Himself through this situation in so many ways.”

Sometimes it takes a terrifying moment like the Hamlin incident to remind people of the power of God.

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