Stacey Abrams tried to save her campaign by playing the race card – even the Left didn’t buy it

Democrat hypocrisy truly knows no bounds.

They constantly put rules in place they don’t intend to follow, and when they get caught breaking them, they blame everyone but themselves.

Stacey Abrams tried to save her campaign by playing the race card, but even the Left didn’t buy it.

Stacey Abrams’s claim to fame is that she lost the Georgia gubernatorial race to Brian Kemp by 50,000 votes, then falsely claimed she only lost due to voter suppression.

The same Democrats who said questioning the integrity of the 2020 election was one step short of treason had no problem calling Abrams the duly elected governor of Georgia.

Abrams is running against Kemp again, and her campaign just hit a major snag.

Abrams appeared at an elementary school to read to kids, and she refused to wear a mask while all of the young children were forced to do so.

When Abrams got called out for her mask hypocrisy, she resorted to shameful deflection.

Her campaign released the following statement:

“It is shameful that our opponents are using a Black History Month reading event for Georgia children as the impetus for a false political attack, and it is pitiful and predictable that our opponents continue to look for opportunities to distract from their failed records when it comes to protecting public health during the pandemic…This pathetic, transparent and silly attack is beneath anyone who claims he wants to lead Georgia.”

There are too many Democrats to count that have been busted for COVID hypocrisy.

Abrams is just the latest.

The corporate press tried fear-mongering in 2020 when Kemp decided to reopen the state; the media said Georgia was experimenting in “human sacrifice.”

The Democrats want everybody to take COVID deathly seriously at all times, except for when they’re the ones violating their own rules.

And their excuses are always as pathetic as one can imagine.

For example, San Francisco Mayor London Breed got caught at an indoor concert without a mask, and her excuse was that she was feeling the spirit.

Abrams didn’t even bother to muster an excuse.

She just snarled at Republicans.

Abrams’s prospects for winning her gubernatorial rematch are not good, and her mask fiasco will not help.

Democrats like Abrams claim that they’re following “the science,” but children have not been main vectors of transmission for the virus.

Meanwhile, even blue cities and states are beginning to loosen their COVID restrictions as they have become wildly unpopular.

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