Spotify has quietly removed 42 “controversial” episodes of the most popular podcast on earth

It’s become increasingly obvious that companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter are some of the most powerful companies in human history.

These Big Tech giants have almost unilateral control over the flow of information, and thus can pick and choose what are “acceptable” forms of speech.

And the latest example of that fact comes from Spotify, which has quietly removed 42 “controversial” episodes of the most popular podcast on Earth.

According to Edison Research, the top podcast research organization, The Joe Rogan Experience is the most popular podcast in the world, and reportedly averages roughly 190 million downloads every month as of April 2019.

Quite frankly, when it comes to the world of podcasts, Joe Rogan is Oprah, Johnny Carson, and Howard Stern all wrapped into one – he is the unquestionably most influential force in all of media today.

All of that led Spotify to sign Rogan to a licensing deal last year for $100 million, giving the company exclusive rights to new episodes as well as the 12-year catalog of the show’s more than 1,600 past episodes.

But since the audio streaming service signed Rogan, their relationship hasn’t been the smoothest.

Back in September, employees at Spotify threatened to strike if direct editorial oversight of Rogan’s podcast wasn’t put into place by the company.

The employees demanded that before episodes go live, the company should add content flags, trigger warnings, “fact-checked” information, or refuse to publish the episode entirely if it featured even a hint of talk that goes against far-left beliefs.

To their credit, Spotify stood firm against the employees’ demands, despite the fact that they had left out some of the podcast’s more “controversial” episodes when migrating it to their platform after signing their exclusive deal with Rogan.

Last month, Rogan did confirm that when he signed with Spotify there were a few past episodes of his show that the company didn’t want to include on their platform.

And while he was generally fine with Spotify not wanting to include those few past episodes, Rogan also made clear at that time that the company doesn’t exercise editorial control over his show and were essentially giving him the freedom to engage in the typical unfiltered, authentic conversations that built his loyal audience.

“They don’t give a f—k, man. They haven’t given me a hard time at all,” Rogan said. “There were a few episodes they didn’t want on their platform, and I was like ‘okay, I don’t care’. But other than that, in terms of what I do in the future, the big test was having Alex Jones on.”

“A lot of people are like, ‘they’re telling Joe Rogan what he can and can’t do’. They’re not – they’re not,” Rogan insisted.

However, it is now being reported Spotify has quietly scrubbed a total of 42 supposedly “controversial” episodes of the podcast from its platform.

According to Digital Music News, the episodes that have been removed include a conversation with Bulletproof Coffee founder Dave Asprey, comedians Brian Redban and Chris D’Elia, political commentators Gavin McGinnis and Milo Yiannopoulous, martial artist Eddie Bravo, and soccer player David Seaman.

It’s not clear what has changed in Spotify’s eyes that may have caused the shift away from the hands off approach.

Rogan believed they were taking to his show, mainly due to the fact that Spotify hasn’t commented on their covert censorship of certain episodes of the podcast.

But obviously, Spotify is now making it clear that they are not going to simply allow Rogan to continue doing his show as he always has.

Admittedly, Rogan is a rather odd target for this type of far-left censorship.

While he has espoused some conservative beliefs, he’s also espoused some left-leaning beliefs as well, and has interviewed and praised both liberal politicians like Tulsi Gabbard and conservatives like Dan Crenshaw.

For all intents and purposes, Rogan is as close to straight down the middle as any human can be in today’s ultra-partisan political climate, and appears to merely be a straight shooter who calls it like he sees it.

But, of course, the fact that Rogan doesn’t fit neatly into any one box and can just as easily give fair interviews to someone on the far-left as he can to someone on the Right makes him dangerous in the eyes of the Left.

If Joe Rogan isn’t going to take a MSNBC-style approach to political commentary – universally praising the Left and admonishing the Right as racist, sexist, and homophobic – then the Left believes he must be stopped.

And clearly, despite spending $100 million to secure the rights to his show, and all that comes with it, Spotify is more than willing to help the far-left do so.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for any updates to this ongoing story.

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