Sports fans are considering renewing their boycott of the NFL following the league’s latest woke play

Despite having majority red or non-political fans, most sports leagues have thrown their lot in with the woke Left.

And the NFL may be the league leading that charge.

But football fans are now ready to renew their boycott efforts following the latest fumble by NFL executives.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has made it no secret the league is standing arm-in-arm with the criminal Black Lives Matter organization.

They backed failed quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s anti-American protesting during the national anthem and his hateful statements about police officers.

And Goodell has committed the league to so-called, “social justice causes,” as part of its Inspire Change initiative.

In fact, according to, since 2017, the NFL family has provided more than $237.5 million to 37 national “social justice” grant partners and hundreds of grassroots organizations across the country.

The league is well within reach of its goal of donating $250 million to social justice efforts by the end of 2027.

And they’re about to get much closer to the end zone.

The NFL is doing a huge play-action fake announcing an additional $6.5 million to woke “social justice” and “equity” causes this year.

That will bring their total over the past five-years to $244 million.

This comes as many Americans were coming back to the game following the league’s national anthem controversy.

But that’s not stopping the league from going against the will of its fans.

“This past year opened the eyes of so many to the inequality suffered by many of our fellow brothers and sisters, neighbors and associates,” said Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank. “We will continue to stand with our players as we address underlying issues and bring people together to achieve meaningful, positive change.”

Because that’s what people watch football for.

The $6.5 million is heading to these organizations: Alabama Appleseed, Anti-Recidivism Coalition (ARC), the Association for Enterprise Opportunity’s Resili Program, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Breakthrough Miami, the Center for Policing Equity, City Year, Community Justice Exchange, Covenant House, Just City, Ladies of Hope Ministries, MENTOR, Metropolitan Family Services, the National Urban League, the Oregon Justice Resource Center, Operation HOPE, Per Scholas, Texas Appleseed, the U.S. Dream Academy, the Vera Institute of Justice.

“The greater societal needs that these organizations serve represent the core tenets behind Inspire Change,” said NFL Senior Vice President for Social Responsibility Anna Isaacson. “And their meaningful work and measurable impact continue to inspire the NFL in its ongoing quest for social justice.”

There are a few examples on that list that aren’t blatantly woke – for example, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and the Boys & Girls Club of America.

But the bulk of those organizations are far left-wing, political organizations disguised as supposed “social justice” enterprises.

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