Special Counsel David Weiss said five words about the criminal charges against Hunter Biden that put jaws on the floor

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Special Counsel David Weiss indicted Hunter Biden on three felony charges related to him allegedly lying on a federal firearms background check form in 2018.

Weiss testified on Tuesday before the House Judiciary Committee about the Hunter Biden probe.

And Special Counsel David Weiss said five words about the criminal charges against Hunter Biden that put jaws on the floor.

Joe Biden has completely weaponized the Department of Justice and the FBI against his political enemies.

Donald Trump is currently facing four criminal indictments from three Democrat prosecutors as part of Biden’s re-election plans.

But many believe Biden’s weaponized justice system is also running cover for Hunter Biden.

Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss as the Special Counsel for the Hunter Biden case.

On Tuesday morning, Weiss took part in an “unprecedented” interview before members of the House Judiciary Committee about his yearslong investigation into Hunter Biden.

“Special Counsel Weiss is appearing voluntarily to testify before the House Judiciary Committee about the scope of his authority,” Weiss spokesman Wyn Hornbuckle told Fox News. “Mr. Weiss is prepared to take this unprecedented step of testifying before the conclusion of his investigation to make clear that he’s had and continues to have full authority over his investigation and to bring charges in any jurisdiction.”

“Consistent with department policy and the law, he will be unable to address the specifics of his investigation,” Hornbuckle continued. “At the close of this matter, Special Counsel Weiss will prepare a report, which the Attorney General has committed to making public to the greatest extent possible, consistent with the law, department policy and the public interest.”

Following his testimony on Tuesday, Weiss released a statement where he said he was “the first Special Counsel to testify before the submission of the Special Counsel report.”

“I have done so out of respect for the committee’s oversight responsibilities and to respond to questions raised about the scope of my authority,” Weiss said.

However, he refused to give details of the testimony due to the fact that he is “in the midst of conducting an ongoing investigation and prosecution,” which makes him “limited as to what I can say at this point.”

He did say he agreed to answer several questions, but let the Judiciary Committee know up front that he would not comment on anything “that could jeopardize the ongoing litigation, our investigations, or the rights of defendants or other individuals involved in these matters.”

“I am, and have been, the decision-maker on this case,” Weiss said. “I do not, however, make these decisions in a vacuum,” he continued. “I am bound by federal law, the principles of federal prosecution and DOJ guidelines.”

Weiss denied whistleblower allegations that he previously requested Special Counsel status but was denied by the Department of Justice.

“These processes did not interfere with my decision-making authority,” Weiss said. “At no time was I blocked or otherwise prevented from pursuing charges or taking the steps necessary in the investigation by other United States attorneys, the Tax Division, or anyone else at the Department of Justice.”

But then Weiss tried to claim that politics played no role in his decision making during the investigation.

“Throughout this investigation, the career prosecutors on my team and I have made decisions based on the facts and the law,” Weiss said.

Despite Biden’s obvious weaponized justice system, Weiss then made the outrageous claim that “political considerations played no part in our decision-making.”

Instead, Weiss said he was motivated purely by the “principles of federal prosecution.”

Of course, Weiss has been investigating Hunter Biden since 2018.

Even though he charged Hunter Biden with three federal gun violations, Weiss allowed the statute of limitations to run out on the more serious charges such as tax fraud.

And he only indicted Hunter Biden after a judge rejected the sweetheart plea deal originally offered to the President’s son that would have given him lifetime immunity for any future crimes.

Special Counsel David Weiss claims the fact that Hunter Biden is the President’s son does not matter in his investigation.

But the American people know better.

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