Sources say these Never-Trumpers are trying to force Ron DeSantis out ahead of 2024

Never-Trump RINOs are some of the most insufferable grifters imaginable in politics.

They never stop with their scheming and meddling to rid the party of Donald Trump and his supporters.

Now sources say these Never-Trumpers are trying to force Ron DeSantis out ahead of 2024.

Republicans across the country were ecstatic to see the GOP sweep of Virginia in the statewide elections last month.

Unfortunately, sources say Virginia’s new Republican Governor is being surrounded by Never-Trumpers who are trying to convince him to help push out Ron DeSantis ahead of 2024.

It’s no secret that should former President Donald Trump choose not to run for reelection in 2024, the frontrunner is Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis.

DeSantis has been a voice for the conservative movement and refuses to bow to the Biden regime or squishy RINOs.

Florida has kept its economy open and thriving throughout the pandemic, and that has many on the Right cheering the Governor on to a possible White House run.

To some, it’s only natural that Ron DeSantis be the one to step in should Trump decide not to run in 2024.

But establishment Republicans have made it their duty to rid the party of Donald Trump and his supporters, which means DeSantis will receive little to no backing from the party.

That isn’t likely to deter DeSantis since, much like Trump, he seems to relish a challenge, but it could lay the foundations for a GOP civil war that could be devastating before the 2024 election.

Steve Deace is a popular host on Blaze TV.

Deace recently reported some inside information from the Republican Governor’s Association Winter meeting.

According to his source, RINO Governors Chris Christie and Larry Hogan were working on getting newly-elected Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin to join their push to purge the party of Trump.

A purge of Trump and his supporters would inevitably mean a purge of DeSantis.

Deace also reported that many fellow Republican Governors reacted coldly to DeSantis’ speech.

Glenn Youngkin flipped the state of Virginia red, but he didn’t do it as a hardline Trump supporter.

Yes, Trump did endorse Youngkin, but insiders have said that Youngkin’s team chose to keep him as far away from Donald Trump as possible because they were concerned an alliance might upset the “suburban Mom” vote.

The Never-Trump contingent believes Republicans will see some massive victories in the coming midterm elections, but only if they dump Trump’s conservative agenda and align with a more moderate one.

As Virginia readies itself for Youngkin’s swearing-in – along with the swearing-in of numerous new Republican delegates – some on the inside are saying it’s not just Youngkin pushing Trump away.

Numerous reports have surfaced that even some newly elected Republican delegates have begun to walk back promises made during their campaigns and distance themselves from the conservative agendas that got them elected.

The tale is as old as time – politicians want power, and Republicans are notorious for watering down their views just so they can keep their seats.

This is why America is in the state it’s in.

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