Someone just compared Biden’s Afghanistan debacle to this decades-old event and it could spell the end for the President

It’s hard to believe that the White House could make the situation in Afghanistan any worse, but they did.

Messaging from the Biden administration is doing everything but making Biden look better.

Now someone has compared Biden’s Afghanistan debacle to this decades-old event, and it could spell the end for the President.

Jon Finer is the Principal Deputy National Security Advisor, and he just invited a comparison that no President should ever want.

Finer filmed a video for social media where he praised the Biden administration for supposedly “securing” the Kabul airport and evacuating 15,000 Americans.

In the video, Finer utters words Americans haven’t heard since the early 2000s.

Second, our most important job right now is to provide security and stability at the international airport in Kabul. That mission was accomplished, in large part, because we planned for it. President Biden ordered the prepositioning of U.S. forces in the region, and deployed those forces in recent days to ensure that security and stability could be brought to the airport. [Cymbals crash] There are now several thousand Americans troops providing at the airport, and we will have as many as six thousand troops in place in the days to come.

Declaring that the mission accomplished was not only a lie but a statement that had many thinking back to 2003 when George W. Bush declared “Mission Accomplished” from the flight deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln.

That statement by then-President Bush has gone down in history as one of the greatest premature declarations of victory ever.

Not particularly an event Joe Biden should want to be linked to.

Again, though, it isn’t just that Finer uttered Bush-era words, but more importantly, the statement is a lie.

A report by Philip Wegmann of RealClearPolitics stated that Tennessee Senator Bill Hagerty’s office said Americans who were hiding in safe houses were trying to figure out if they could make a run for it and get to the airport safely.

That doesn’t sound like Americans being successfully evacuated from Afghanistan.
In even more damning evidence, videos surfaced on social media that proved the Kabul airport was absolute mayhem.

Taliban fighters fired into the air as mobs of Afghanis swarmed the walls trying desperately to make it onto the airfield.

Definitely does not look like the mission has been “accomplished,” Mr. Finer.

Joe Biden has made a mockery of the United States in more ways than any other President ever has, and using the same language as Bush used in his premature declaration of victory just adds insult to injury.

It doesn’t appear there is any way out for Biden on this one.

Biden has watched as innocent humans are killed because he selfishly wanted to be better than Donald Trump.

The evident lack of planning and arrogance on the part of the administration leaves them all with blood on their hands.

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