Singers Sheryl Crow and Amy Grant are teaming up for a duo that is music to gun-grabbers’ ears

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Democrats are determined to use the tragedy in Nashville as an excuse to ban and confiscate firearms in America.

Several famous musicians are trying to help Democrats pass gun control.

Amd singers Sheryl Crow and Amy Grant are teaming up for a duo that is music to gun-grabbers’ ears.

Democrats and RINOs in the Tennessee General Assembly are trying to exploit the recent tragedy at the Covenant Christian School to ram through their anti-gun agenda.

Republican Governor Bill Lee already caved in and announced his support for red flag gun confiscation laws.

Of course, a red flag confiscation law would have done nothing to stop the deranged transgender terrorist from murdering six people at the Christian school.

The shooter legally purchased her gun, which means she passed a background check that is required under law to acquire one.

Not only that, but she was not on the police’s radar and even her parents did not know she owned a firearm.

But Democrats only care about banning firearms for law-abiding citizens.

And now several of Nashville’s biggest stars are joining together to help Democrats pass “common sense gun safety legislation” – aka gun control – before the current legislative session ends.

“Sheryl Crow, Kacey Musgraves, Amy Grant, Jason Isbell and dozens of other signees drafted a letter calling for Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee and state lawmakers to enact meaningful gun reforms following the Covenant School shooting that left three children and three adults dead,” Rolling Stone reported. “They are part of Voices for a Safer Tennessee, a coalition pushing for extreme risk protection laws and stronger measures around safe storage of firearms.”

“We’re Nashvillians,” Sheryl Crow said while leading a delegation at the Capitol with fellow star Amy Grant. “We’re also moms.”

“And I think what happened at Covenant has touched everyone, including Governor Lee on a very deep and personal level,” she added. “We just want to see something that we can all agree on.”

Amy Grant echoed Crow, saying that “we see the power of finding common-ground conversation.”

Of course, the Left has absolutely zero interest in “common ground.”

They only want to ban and confiscate as many firearms as possible in America.

And woke musicians like Sheryl Crow and Amy Grant are happy to help them in their anti-gun crusade.

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