Sick of Nancy? Unfortunately, there’s another Pelosi already waiting in the wings to take over

If you’ve been fantasizing about Nancy Pelosi’s retirement, you aren’t going to be happy when you find out about her “mini-me.”

Believe it or not, the carbon copy might even be worse than the original.

And you won’t believe what she said about the man who viciously attacked a Republican Senator.

Donald Trump’s Presidential win in 2016 brought the true colors of all kinds of leftists to light – and Nancy Pelosi’s daughter was among those aggressively trying to keep Trump out of office.

As an official elector from California in 2016, Christine Pelosi headed up a group of electors who put out a gem of a letter that said in part, “We do not understand our sole function to be to convene in mid-December, several weeks after Election Day, and summarily cast our votes.” It continues, “To the contrary, the Constitution envisions the Electoral College as a deliberative body that plays a critical role in our system of government  – ensuring that the American people elect a president who is constitutionally qualified and fit to serve.”

Funny how Trump is in all kinds of hot water over contesting fishy election day practices in 2020 – and yet Christine Pelosi was fine with blowing off voters’ wishes entirely in 2016.

She even went so far as to describe herself as a “Hamilton Elector” on Twitter.

During the 2016 election, 10 members of the Electoral College voted for a candidate different from the one they were pledged to.

Three of their votes were invalidated by “faithless elector” laws at the state level.

Naturally, being her mother’s daughter, Christine Pelosi was crushed when Hilary Clinton didn’t become President.

She also seems to have a violent sense of humor.

Last year, when Senator Rand Paul caught Covid-19, Christine Pelosi apparently thought it was so awful he caught the virus and caused some of his colleagues to self-quarantine that she tweeted, “Rand Paul’s neighbor was right.”

She was, no doubt, referring to when Paul was viciously attacked by his neighbor, a registered Democrat, in 2017.

At the time the Senator was hospitalized with five broken ribs and serious damage to his lungs.

Pelosi the younger was banned from Twitter after making that nasty comment, but before long she was back on demanding that Trump get banned because he, “incites violence against #BlackLivesMatter protesting the police policy reform you claim to seek.”

None of that made much sense, but that’s not really the point.

What matters is that Christine Pelosi got her way in the end.

Chances are she’s planning to keep on doing exactly that for decades to come by taking her mom’s seat in Congress.

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