Shocking new video proves Biden’s border crisis is out of control

Joe Biden has bungled so many issues as Commander-in-Chief.

His biggest failure has arguably been at the southern border.

And a shocking new video proves Biden’s border crisis is out of control.

Joe Biden foolishly reversed all of Donald Trump’s effective border policies, and now he’s paying the price.

The number of illegal border crossings has reached record levels on Biden’s watch, and border patrol officers are completely overwhelmed.

There’s so much migration into the country, illegal aliens are simply walking across the border because there aren’t enough agents patrolling.

Townhall reports:

The group of around 100 walked into Yuma’s city limits, passing by neighborhoods, with some making a quick pit stop at a local McDonald’s. Frank, a local contractor, pulled over on his way to dinner to talk with me in astonishment, saying he had never seen something like this in Yuma before.

“How did they get past Border Patrol?” he asked.

“Because there is no Border Patrol over there,” I replied.

It’s not just people from Mexico and South and Central America, either.

Thousands of Haitians flooded the border in recent months.

Border patrol agents on horseback were falsely accused of whipping migrants, which Democrats irresponsibly said evoked images of slavery.

The media-created outrage led to the mounted patrol unit being disbanded.

Even migrants from Central Asia are showing up at the border.

The border policies of the Democrats make zero sense on a practical level.

The unwieldy influx of people got so bad, Kamala Harris was forced to tell migrants from Central America not to come to the United States.

Democrats are sending dangerous mixed messages, and migrants are being used as pawns.

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