Shocking new poll proves Biden’s presidency is on thin ice

Joe Biden had arguably the worst first year in modern presidential history.

He bungled everything from the economy to foreign policy.

And a shocking new poll proves Biden’s presidency is on thin ice.

Polls show that Joe Biden’s approval ratings are as low as 32%, down from 55% when he first took office.

Considering his first year in office, that does not come as a major surprise.

However, a stunning new Rasmussen poll shows that 50% of Americans are in favor of Biden being impeached.

Included in the 50% who supported Biden’s impeachment, 33% strongly supported it.

Opposition to Biden’s impeachment got 45%, so more people than not would like to see Biden impeached.

In September, Republican Congressman Bob Gibbs of Ohio filed articles of impeachment against Biden for his reckless immigration policies and his botched withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The impeachment didn’t go anywhere because the Democrats control the House, but that could change in the midterms if the expected red wave happens.

Among Republicans, 74% at least somewhat support Biden’s impeachment, but an eye-opening 34% of Democrats and 42% of independents somewhat support it as well.

When the Democrats reclaimed the House in 2018, they didn’t waste any time impeaching Donald Trump for political reasons.

At least half of respondents seem to want Republicans to return the favor.

In addition to Biden’s terrible handling of the economy, his draconian COVID restrictions are beginning to infuriate Democrats.

Some prominent liberals and Democrats are speaking out against vaccine mandates, mask mandates, and indefinite school closures.

The Supreme Court struck down Biden’s unconstitutional vaccine mandate, but that hasn’t stopped him from encouraging businesses to require them.

Perhaps most devastating for Biden is the fact that black voters are more likely than white voters to somewhat support Biden’s impeachment, 50% to 47%, respectively.

Black Americans have been more resistant to vaccine mandates than other demographic groups, so that could factor into increased support for impeachment.

Biden is perhaps signaling he will appoint a black woman to the Supreme Court in order to sew up his support among black voters.

But this poll, regarding impeachment, does not bode well at all for Biden.

He says he wants to run again in 2024, but all signs point to his re-election bid being an unmitigated disaster.

Democrats don’t even want him to run again, and 34% of them want him impeached.

If these numbers hold, the Democrats are going to get absolutely whipped out come November 2022.

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