Sean Hannity made a stunning admission about one Biden crime family scandal

The corporate-controlled press has been covering for Joe Biden.

The 2020 election is glaring proof of that fact.

And Sean Hannity made a stunning admission about one Biden crime family scandal.

The so-called “mainstream” media colluded to suppress the New York Post’s bombshell report on Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell.”

Democrats and their allies in the corporate-controlled press said the laptop had “all the hallmarks of Russian disinformation.”

McCarthyite Congressman Adam Schiff said he heard from the intelligence community that the laptop was indeed Russian disinformation, but former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe shot down that lie.

Only after the election did the Democrat Media Complex even acknowledge the story was true.

And Fox News host Sean Hannity made a revelation that proved the laptop scandal is worse than the public imagined.

Hannity said the material on the laptop was so salacious, his lawyers would not allow him to take possession of it.

Hannity said during a recent segment:

“Let’s put it this way. [The laptop is] so bad – and I have great lawyers. I pay a lot of money for my lawyers, but they’re worth every penny. They keep me out of trouble. I don’t do anything without talking to my lawyers. My lawyers – I’ve been offered three separate ways a copy of the ‘laptop from hell.’ My lawyers will not allow me to take custody of that laptop. Now, that is a pretty amazing thing to me because they have been briefed on what’s on it as well.”

Hunter Biden notoriously recorded himself having sex and post-coital conversations with prostitutes, so there’s no telling how much scandalous material is on the laptop.

In one video, he admitted to a prostitute that he had lost a laptop (a different one) after leaving it in a hotel – and that one is believed to be in the possession of the Russians.

Meanwhile, the corporate-controlled press has taken little interest in Hunter Biden despite serious red flags pointing to malfeasance on the part of his father.

Hunter apparently was involved in pay-for-play deals with various foreign actors, including the Ukrainian energy company Burisma.

Hunter landed a plum no-show board position for the company despite having zero energy sector or Ukrainian regulatory policy experience that paid him $83,000 per month.

If Hunter had been Donald Trump Jr, his relationship with Burisma and the lurid details of the laptop would never leave the news.

But the corporate-controlled press and law enforcement don’t seem to have any interest in scouring the laptop to see what relevant material is on it.

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