Sean Hannity confronted Rachel Maddow with this tough truth

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Rachel Maddow and the Left don’t want to listen.

But someone had to say it.

And Sean Hannity confronted Rachel Maddow with this tough truth.

The media ran wild with the news that the Department of Justice indicted informant Alexander Smirnov for making false statements to the FBI about Burisma paying Joe and Hunter Biden $5 million bribes.

Smirnov’s allegations were contained in a FBI form FD-1023 that set off a firestorm when a whistleblower told Iowa Republican Senator Chuck Grassley about its existence last summer.

Journalists claimed this arrest debunked the GOP’s impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden for corruption even though the focus of the FBI form FD-1023 for Republicans was on the fact that the FBI had it in its possession, and not that the bribe allegation formed the backbone of the effort to remove Joe Biden from office.

Republicans on the House Oversight and Judiciary Committee have a host of other evidence of political interference in the Hunter Biden probe as well as unexplained loans from Biden to family members that created fruitful avenues for impeachment.

Hannity took on the media hypocrisy during a segment on his Fox News show, where Hannity ripped the media for mocking Republicans for supposedly relying on Smirnov to open an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden when the press latched on to the hoax Steele dossier for nearly three years in an attempt to stage a coup against Donald Trump.

“None of the dossier was ever proven to be true. All lies. Was Christopher Steele ever charged? No. I wonder why,” Hannity declared. “But that did not stop the media mob. They ran with that story for three long years, peddling lie after lie after lie. Conspiracy theory. Conspiracy theory one after another.”

Hannity called out Rachel Maddow by name as the Commander-in-Chief of the Russia collusion hoax and demanded she apologize for years of coverage riddled with falsehoods about Trump and Russia.

“Now, where is NBC — I understand that they hired Rachel Maddow. She’s America’s chief conspiracy theorist — where’s their apology? Where’s Maddow’s apology?” Hannity asked.

Hannity also slammed CNN and elected Democrats for throwing stones inside glass houses due to their repeated lies about Trump and Russia.

“What about Fake News CNN? You know, what about, you know, the media mob?” Hannity concluded. “And what about their Democratic cohorts? Can they spare us with their fake, phony feigned outrage? They never cared about the truth or veracity of Christopher Steele or his dossier.”

There is no greater source of misinformation in America than the media.

Polls show record low trust in the press is precisely because they latch onto hoaxes like the Russia collusion scam for partisan gain and then never admit their errors.

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