Rumors of Nancy Pelosi’s retirement are swirling and she may have just hinted at her future plans

There is no doubt House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is soaking up every minute of her time in the spotlight.

She’s also helping Biden shove through every piece of radical legislation he can dream up.

But rumors of Nancy Pelosi’s retirement are swirling, and she may have just hinted at her future plans.

Back in 2019, Nancy Pelosi – after officially claiming her spot as House Speaker – said she would only serve two terms in that position.

Pelosi made the deal in order to win the support of a handful of members who were threatening to vote against her for Speaker.

Shortly after the Democratic Caucus nominated her to her second term as Speaker back in November of 2020, Pelosi confirmed she would only serve two terms.

Well, in case Pelosi hasn’t checked her calendar in a while, her two terms are up next year.

Many Capitol Hill insiders believe that Pelosi will choose the retirement route, not wanting to be just a lowly member of Congress with no real power – and a smaller paycheck.

But no one knows for sure because Pelosi has been very quiet about her future in Congress.

In a recent interview with MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski, Pelosi continued her tight-lipped approach to the “R-word.”

The interview was posted by Forbes Women, and in it, Brzezinski asks Pelosi to respond to a list of words with her opinion.

This is a game often played by journalists in hopes of catching the interviewee off-guard and getting some dirt.

One of the words the MSNBC anchor posed was “retirement.”

Pelosi’s response says a lot about whether or not she plans to keep her promise.

“What’s that?” Pelosi said.

While the Speaker may be playing coy, some believe she just showed her hand and hopes that people will forget about that pesky promise she made.

One thing is for sure, Nancy Pelosi loves the power she has as Speaker.

But she also knows that if she makes her plans known, and it is, in fact, her last term in office, it could well lead to Democrats believing they are really doomed in November 2022.

Of course, should history be any indication, a Republican sweep is very likely for the midterm elections, but the last thing Nancy Pelosi wants to do is add fuel to that fire.

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