Ronald Reagan’s would-be assassin proves he’s anything but ‘normal’ with this outrageous statement

He tried to kill Ronald Reagan because he was infatuated with an actress.

And he should have remained locked up forever.

Because this statement by John Hinckley proves he’s anything but ‘normal.’

Americans, and people all over the world were in shock that day.

It was March 30, 1981 and President Ronald Reagan had just delivered a rousing speech at the Hilton Hotel in Washington, D.C. when he walked out to gun fire.

Waiting outside was John Hinckley, Jr. who was there with one thing in mind, to assassinate the popular President and world leader.

Hinckley fired six shots from his .22 caliber revolver with “devastator” bullets at the President and his security team.

Reagan was wounded when one of the bullets ricocheted off of the limousine, striking him under the left armpit. Press Secretary James Brady was wounded and paralyzed, Secret Service Agent Timothy McCarthy, and policeman Thomas Delahanty were also wounded during the shooting.

In September 2021, Hinckley was granted unconditional release for June of 2022.

Hinckley recently sat down with CBS News’ chief Washington correspondent Major Garrett for an interview, during which he said he was remorseful for his actions.

Garrett asked Hinckley if the reason he agreed to the interview was to try and shift some “public perception” of himself.

“I’m just trying to show people, I’m kind of an ordinary, ordinary guy who is trying to get along like everybody else. If you think I’m just some crazy person, I’m not that anymore at all,” he told Garrett.

Clearly proving to anyone with half a brain that Hinckley is, in fact, not an ordinary person at all.

Garrett then asked if Hinckley believes there could ever be a chance for closure with the Brady family, the Reagan family or actress Jodie Foster.

Hinckley was obsessed with Jodie Foster, and believed he could impress her and win her heart by killing Reagan.

He obviously didn’t realize just how far off base he was with that theory, on a number of levels, beginning with the fact that Hinckley is male.

The would-be assassin said he said he didn’t think the families wanted to hear from him and that while he knows they probably can’t ever forgive him, he wishes they would.

Hinckley it seems is feeling remorseful after all these years.

“I feel terrible for what I did, and I’ve had remorse for many years for what I did, if I could take it all back, I would, I swear, I would take it all back.”

It could be real remorse. Or maybe, just maybe Hinckley is trying to sell tickets.

Hinckley is an aspiring musician, and now out of confinement has recently booked a July 8 concert at a hotel in New York.

Because that’s what normal people do.

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