Ron DeSantis was vindicated by what this teacher was caught saying to students

Parents are beginning to find out just how radical schools have become.

And many have become motivated to protest at school board meetings.

Now Ron DeSantis was vindicated by what this teacher was caught saying to students.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis caught hell from Democrats for promoting the Parental Rights in Education bill.

The piece of legislation prohibited public school teachers from having inappropriate conversations about sexual orientation and gender identity in grades K-3.

It seems shocking that such a law would even be needed, but due to distance learning during COVID, parents discovered that schools and teachers were pushing all sorts of inappropriate ideas on their children.

And a teacher in El Paso, Texas was fired for chastising her students about using the term pedophile – she implored them to use the propaganda term “minor-attracted person” (MAP).

In response to a student using the word pedophile, Amber Parker said, “Stop calling them that. You’re not allowed to label people like that. Stop it, Diego. We’re not going to call them that. We’re gonna call them MAPs, minor attracted persons. So don’t judge people just because they want to have sex with a five-year-old.”

The students were horrified by the teacher’s insistence, as were parents when they found out about it.

Parker’s husband and Daniel Call, Vice President of the El Paso school board, claimed she was taken out of context, but the explanation given does not pass the smell test.

Call wrote on Facebook, “After hearing from some of the students that were in the class, including my own nephew, I believe now that the teacher that appeared to be promoting and normalizing pedophilia was pretending to advocate a position she didn’t actually believe in order to challenge the students in preparation for them reading the [play] ‘The Crucible’ . . . I regret the negative attention that this situation has brought on this teacher and wish her well. I’m told she is a great educator.”

If Parker’s intent was to make a point about The Crucible, she did a horrible job by using pedophilia to do it.

The play is about people being persecuted for not going along with a moral panic – in essence, people were punished for telling the truth.

Parker is not expressing truth by telling her students not to judge people who “want to have sex with a five-year old.”

Parker has not spoken up on her behalf.

Also, the term MAP was the creation of a convicted child molester.

Reduxx reported that “the term ‘minor-attracted person’ was first coined by pro-pedophilia lobbying group B4U-ACT, which was founded in 2003 by convicted child rapist Michael Melsheimer. Melsheimer explicitly stated that the purpose of the organization was to normalize pedophilia where the National Association of Man-Boy Love (NAMBLA) had failed to do so. Around the time of the organization’s creation, Melsheimer advised his fellow pedophiles on pederast forum BoyChat that his new approach for normalizing pedophilia would be focused around garnering public sympathy by deceptively claiming that the humanization of pedophiles would lead to a reduction in child sexual abuse.”

Parker was certainly not doing her job if she did not explain the full context of the term she was using.

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