Ron DeSantis was proven right after a school official was sued for this horrific act she did to children

The battle over education is heating up.

Parents are finally waking up to the radical nonsense being pushed on their kids.

And Ron DeSantis was proven right after a school official was sued for this horrific act she did to children.

The Left threw a fit when Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed the Parental Rights in Education bill into law.

Democrats quickly smeared it as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill even though it simply barred classroom discussions about sexual orientation and gender identity in K-3.

Funny enough though, a majority of Democrats in Florida supported the bill despite the demonization from the press.

But radical leftists embedded in education have shown that DeSantis likely didn’t go far enough.

Now a superintendent in Arizona is being sued for exposing children to precisely what DeSantis was talking about.

AZ Free News reported that “Arizona Department of Education (ADE) Superintendent Kathy Hoffman is facing a lawsuit for advertising links to chat rooms where minors discuss sex and gender with adults present and without parents necessarily knowing . . . The chat room website advertised by the ADE, Q Chat Space, targets LGBTQ+ youth 13 years and older. It offers a ‘quick escape’ feature that masks a child’s visit to the site by redirecting from the Q Chat Space site to Google’s homepage. The adults facilitating discussions, ‘Q Chatters,’ don’t have to be licensed professionals. Some of the upcoming chat rooms are: ‘Sex and Relationships Q&A,’ ‘FOR TRANS/NON-BINARY YOUTH: Activism and Allyship,’ and ‘FOR TRANS/NONBINARY YOUTH: Sex Ed.’”

Not only are children being subjected to radical concepts about sex and sexuality, they’re also being politically groomed.

These chat rooms obviously have a far-left bent.

In addition to the focus on transgender/nonbinary issues, “allyship” is a dead giveaway of leftist indoctrination.

AZ Free News added that “the site has minors offer personal information when signing up, including their sexual orientation, romantic interests, gender identity, email address, birth date, ZIP code, and race. According to the ADE, Hoffman developed the LGBTQ+ resource page with her Equitable and Inclusive Practices Advisory Council (EIPAC) before launching it last June as part of Pride Month. The citizen behind the lawsuit, Peggy McClain, claimed that Hoffman violated the Parents’ Bill of Rights provision prohibiting any attempts to encourage or coerce minors to withhold information from their parents.”

It’s impossible to argue that what Hoffman and the Arizona DoE are doing is completely on the level.

The ADE also promotes a chat room called Gender Spectrum, which is open to minors as young as ten years old.

Democrats are not shy at all about going after your children.

That’s how they plan to enforce their propaganda in time.

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