Ron DeSantis warned about one horrifying trend in schools that is happening nationwide

The one upside of COVID was that distance learning alerted parents to what their kids were being taught in schools.

More and more parents are slowly finding out just how radical teachers and administrators have become.

And Ron DeSantis warned about one horrifying trend in schools that is happening nationwide.

Parents have finally been alerted about the neo-Marxist scourge of Critical Race Theory being taught in schools.

And they’re slowly coming to terms with an even more insidious far-left agenda, radical gender ideology and the systematic sexualization of children.

That’s why dozens of books with graphic sexual depictions are popping up in public school libraries and classrooms around the country.

And one parent in Frisco, Texas – a red suburb in the blue city of Dallas – appeared at a school board meeting to protest inappropriate books being put in schools.

The woman began, “What we fill our minds with matters. Consider that as I read this from a current library book.”

She then read an excerpt that followed, “This one couple stumbled into my room and asked if they could use the room anyway with me still in it. They closed the door and started kissing. After a few minutes, the boy’s hand went up the girl’s shirt and she started protesting. Pretty soon, he took off her bra and started to kiss her breasts. And then he put his hand down her pants and she started moaning. He reached to take off her pants, but she started crying really hard, so he reached for his own. He pulled his pants and underwear down to his knees. ‘Please, Dave. No.’ But the boy just talked soft to her about how good she looked and she grabbed his penis with her hands and started moving it. The boy pushed the girl’s head down and she started to kiss his penis. She was still crying. Finally, she stopped crying because he put his penis in her mouth, and I don’t think you can cry in that position.’”

The mother then said, “I ask you why this book can survive two attempts—” as her microphone got cut.

A woman on the school board said with zero awareness, “There is a child in our boardroom, so I’d like for you to please stop reading that.”

Audience members howled at her response – if the book is so inappropriate that it cannot be read aloud in a school board meeting, then it should not be in a public school library.

Radical leftists believe they can create “allies” by introducing younger and younger kids to sexual identities.

They openly talk about it in academic journals, papers, lectures, and books.

So-called trans education scholar Harper Keenan and Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH) performer Lil Miss Hot Mess wrote in a once-reputable academic journal named Curriculum Inquiry, “We propose that DQSH offers a particular kind of queer framework – what we call drag pedagogy – for teaching and learning that extends beyond traditional approaches to LGBT curricular inclusion. The themes within drag pedagogy, applicable beyond the context of drag itself, move away from vocabulary lessons and the token inclusion of LGBT heroes to begin to engage deeper understandings of queer cultures and envision new modes of being together. We emphasize that drag pedagogy resists didactic instruction and is not prescriptive. Instead, it artfully invites children into building communities that are more hospitable to queer knowledge and experience.”

The radical leftists are telling people exactly what they’re doing.

Now it’s up to parents to put a stop to it.

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