Ron DeSantis showed up to one NFL playoff game and got a stunning reaction

Ron DeSantis has been vilified by the media.

Democrats and their allies in the press want people to think DeSantis is wildly unpopular.

But DeSantis showed up to one NFL playoff game and got a stunning reaction.

The Kansas City Chiefs beat the Jacksonville Jaguars 27-20 in a thrilling Divisional Round playoff matchup.

Perhaps the story of the game was Chiefs superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes finishing the game after suffering a high-ankle sprain.

One eventful moment that happened during the game was when Florida Governor Ron DeSantis showed up to watch the game.

DeSantis walked along the sideline and was greeted and cheered by fans of both teams.

One Chiefs fan shouted to DeSantis, “You’re the best Governor! Run for President!”

DeSantis’ popularity at a football game in Kansas City, Missouri suggests that he has the national profile to be a serious contender for President.

Meanwhile, the press has spent the past two years smearing him mercilessly.

Despite winning re-election by 20 points and the Republicans winning 62 of 67 counties in the Midterm elections, MSNBC is desperate to convince people that DeSantis is wildly unpopular.

After DeSantis said that he kept Florida open, Joe Scarborough of Morning Joe had a fit.

The host whined, “What’s he’s talking—like, what idiots—well, I won’t ask what idiots actually believe that, but he’s so in a little bubble. Like, this is the Republicans’ problem. It’s why they keep losing elections. They’re in this little bubble. They’re talking to each other.”

Scarborough is the one in the Washington, D.C. bubble because DeSantis actually is popular.

There’s a reason why so many people fled the lockdown states for Florida.

Scarborough added, “[I]t’s just so bizarre what an echo chamber these people live in, and it’s mind-boggling to me they still haven’t figured out this is why they keep losing elections.”

But DeSantis and the other Florida Republicans didn’t lose elections.

In addition to keeping Florida open, DeSantis has been a strong combatant in the culture war against the radical Left.

After re-election, DeSantis declared that “Florida is where ‘woke’ goes to die.”

DeSantis’ Stop WOKE Act has begun the process of reversing the rot that has taken place in so many public and private institutions.

He has also endeavored to turn around New College of Florida, a foundering government-run university that could serve as a proof of concept for transforming a leftists university into a traditional, liberal arts-based institution.

DeSantis has yet to announce his intentions about 2024, but many expect him to be the most formidable challenger for Donald Trump.

Trump’s 2024 campaign has gotten off to a rocky start, as he announced immediately after a lackluster Republican performance in the Midterms.

It’s no big shock that DeSantis is popular in Florida – the election results speak for themselves.

But DeSantis building a national platform will give him momentum for 2024 if he does, indeed, announce.

He will be termed out as Governor in 2026, so this could be his best chance to seize on a political moment.

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