Ron DeSantis put Joe Biden on notice when he called out this colossal blunder

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis isn’t pulling any punches.

He’s going after one of Joe Biden’s biggest failures.

And Ron DeSantis put Joe Biden on notice when he called out this colossal blunder. 

Every state is becoming a border state from the surge in illegal immigration and dangerous drugs, like fentanyl, from President Joe Biden’s border crisis.

Florida is dealing with the deadly consequences from the President’s open border agenda.

With the Biden regime completely uninterested in securing the border, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is stepping up to try and handle the crisis in the Sunshine State.

At the podium with a sign titled “Biden’s border crisis,” he announced a series of measures to crack down on illegal immigration in Florida.

“This country is unable to control its own borders,” DeSantis said at a news conference. “We’ve seen millions of people come across illegally over the last two plus years. We’ve seen China, our number-one adversary, fly a spy balloon clear over the continental United States with impunity and basically humiliate our country in the process.”

He proposed that all employers in Florida be required to use E-Verify for their employees to confirm their immigration status.

DeSantis also advocated that voters be required to show that they’re American citizens when they register to vote with perjury charges for violators.

“We want all citizens here that want to vote, to vote, but we don’t want anybody here voting illegally,” DeSantis said. “And if you’re not a citizen of this country, you should not be voting in our elections.”

Human smuggling is more lucrative than drug trafficking for the Mexican drug cartels with the flood of illegal aliens under Biden. 

DeSantis asked the Florida legislature to up the penalties for human smuggling to a third-degree felony.

Finally, he pushed for all out-of-state licenses used by illegals in Florida to be invalidated.

“We need to do everything in our power to protect the people of Florida from what’s going on at the border and the border crisis,” DeSantis said.

He touted his leadership and said that Florida “fought back” against the Biden regime “more than any other state has fought back.”

DeSantis is rumored to strongly be considering entering the Presidential race after this session of the Florida legislature wraps up.

A bold agenda to contain the Biden border crisis could be his opening shot at the President.

The Florida Governor said he was “sad” that more than five million illegals had entered the country under Biden, more than the population of Missouri.

He speculated that if Biden runs again, the border would be a massive political liability for him.

“Because you can’t defend the borders of your own country. That’s kind of like your primary job,” DeSantis explained. 

Ron DeSantis is creating a blueprint for states to stand up for their sovereignty as the Biden border crisis spirals out of control.

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