Ron DeSantis made a one word promise to Dr. Fauci that has him running scared

Dr. Anthony Fauci and the COVID regime decimated the country for two years.

Ron Desantis and other leaders who defied their nonsensical orders were vilified.

But DeSantis made a one word promise to Dr. Fauci that has him running scared.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis opened up his state early in the pandemic and he was excoriated by Dr. Anthony Fauci and the Democrat Media Complex.

Anyone who challenged Fauci was branded a heretic and a kook.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp was accused of experimenting in “human sacrifice” by reopening his state.

But now that the dust has settled, DeSantis was vindicated in his actions, and Fauci was proven to be a fraud.

That’s why DeSantis called for a “reckoning” on Fauci and the COVID regime on his watch.

During an interview with Dan Bongino on Fox News, DeSantis said, “[H]e criticized me every step of the way, Dan. He criticized us for having business open. He criticized us for having beaches open. He criticized us for having kids in school over two years ago. We were the only big state in the country to have 100% in-person. He was a leading advocate for school closures.”

The closing of schools was just one of many issues that Fauci got wrong.

He was very late to the party on school closures despite mountains of evidence.

DeSantis continued, “He tried to sow fear in the population, and scared a lot of parents. And he did have a constituency. At first, everyone was following him, then as more people saw, he had more people that rejected what he said. But he still had a lot of people that actually believed what he was saying. And he was wrong on all the important issues, and my fear is, if the Republicans take control, we need a reckoning on all this. Because I think people like Fauci, what they’re gonna say in the future is, ‘Oh, we didn’t lock down hard enough. That’s why it didn’t work.’ And we can never go down that road.”

It’s not a coincidence that Fauci is leaving the NIAID in December, right before the next session of Congress begins.

Republicans have already pledged oversight on COVID and other issues if they regain control of the House, which would be Fauci’s worst nightmare.

As DeSantis explained, Fauci has a lot to answer for, and the so-called “mainstream” media haven’t even tried to hold him accountable.

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