Ron DeSantis just scored another victory that left The Washington Post humiliated

Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is creating a blueprint for other red state governors to follow – and the Fake News Media hates him for it.

It’s a model of action, which is exactly why America’s Governor finds himself under constant attack by the corporate-controlled media.

And Ron DeSantis just scored another victory that left The Washington Post humiliated.

Republican Ron DeSantis has made huge waves in his time as Governor of Florida.

He led the charge against draconian pandemic restrictions.

He protected parental rights and barred teachers from talking about sex, sexual orientation or gender for children in third-grade and under.

He changed the Sunshine State’s official guidelines against giving minors hormone blockers and gender reassignment surgeries.

He took away woke Disney’s special self-governing status.

He canceled plans for a new practice facility for the Tampa Bay Rays after the team jumped on the gun-grabbing bandwagon.

He has banned picketing outside of personal homes.

He has limited tenure for professors in the State’s university system.

And he did all that while keeping taxes low, bringing new jobs to Florida, and adding population to the Sunshine State.

His list of accomplishments goes on-and-on – a resume full of not just tough talk, but concrete action.

And that’s why he’s become the Left’s top target with former President Donald Trump out of power.

With the Fake News Media constantly trying to tear him down, The Washington Post recently ran a hit piece that was chock-full of inaccuracies, misleading language, and blatant lies.

Florida Press Secretary Christina Pushaw took the time to detail all the problems in the story.

“In addition to the obviously biased framing here, The Washington Post AGAIN made a factual error that is easily checked,” Pushaw tweeted following the publishing of the WaPo hit piece. “The FY 22-23 budget recently signed by Gov.Ron DeSantis is NOT $101.5 billion. It’s easy to find the actual number. 30 seconds on Google. What are reporters for?”

The actual budget DeSantis signed was $109.9 billion.

However, that was the least of the issues with the so-called “news report.”

As for the issue of the Rays’ practice field, “Gov. DeSantis was asked on Friday why he vetoed the Rays facility funding, and he responded that taxpayers shouldn’t be funding professional sports stadiums,” Pushaw tweeted. “This is his long-held position; any real fiscal conservative would say the same thing.

As for WaPo’s claims DeSantis threatened the Special Olympics, “It’s odd editorializing to frame enforcement of the state law as a ‘threat,’” Pushaw tweeted. “Florida has a law against vaccine passports. The Department of Health enforces this law, and DOH sent a letter to SOI informing them that their policy is unlawful & could therefore incur a fine.”

As for claims the Governor never weighed in on recent mass murders, “Another lie . . . [DeSantis] did comment [on the Uvalde shooting], well before you published this [article],” Pushaw tweeted. “Try watching the Governor’s press conferences before writing inaccurate smear pieces about him.”

And then there was WaPo’s biggest lie of them all – a claim that DeSantis would no longer allow transgenders to receive Medicaid benefits, “This sentence is also patently false,” Pushaw tweeted. “There is nothing to suggest that transgender people could be ‘banned from Medicaid coverage’. Anyone who is eligible for Medicaid, regardless of gender, can use it. But Medicaid should not be used to cover dangerous, unproven interventions.”

Recently, America’s Governor pushed to have puberty blockers and gender reassignment services removed as Medicaid-covered medical expenses.

The WaPo piece was so alarmingly bad, the paper had no choice but to concede to DeSantis and Pushaw and make some corrections.

The Post can add a correction admitting DeSantis never tried to remove all Medicaid benefits from transgender people – but is just considering making gender reassignment treatments a non-covered expense.

They also corrected their factual error on the size of the state budget.

Pushaw is still pushing for The Washington Post to admit their other mistakes – but let’s not get greedy.

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