Ron DeSantis just humiliated Joe Biden with one word

Americans are sick and tired of Joe Biden.

His poll numbers are down across the board amid several crises.

And Ron DeSantis just humiliated Joe Biden with one word.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is solidifying his position as the best Governor in America.

DeSantis protected the elderly in his state and had similar COVID numbers to blue states that locked down hard, ruined their economies, and robbed expected life years from citizens.

And DeSantis just took a hilarious shot at Joe Biden and his failed Presidency.

During a public event, DeSantis referred to the Biden administration as the “Brandon” administration, which ignited the crowd into cheers.

DeSantis said:

“If you look at that, if you look at what’s going on with some of the big corporations with their woke agenda, when you look at the Biden—the Brandon––administration in terms of what they’re [doing]—”

That’s when the gathering exploded into chants of “Let’s go, Brandon.”

DeSantis went on to explain the origins of the chant, and tied it into the dishonesty of the corporate-controlled press.

DeSantis continued:

“Do you know how that started? . . . [Y]ou have the media, they’re hand wringing over this, but you know, it was at a NASCAR race, and they’re doing an interview with a driver, I guess his name was Brandon. And the crowd starts chanting very colorful language about Joe Biden.”

The crowd was chanting “F*ck Joe Biden,” which has been heard at stadiums across the country for months now.

DeSantis added:

“And it was obvious that [that’s what] they were doing and, you know, it is what it is…First of all, they said way worse about Trump for four years. We know that. But so they’re chanting this, and so you have a reporter from NBC, who knows that’s what they’re saying. And she’s trying to cover for Biden, so she says, ‘Yeah, they’re chanting, let’s go, Brandon.’”

Biden and the Democrats have opened themselves up to massive ridicule with their failed policies and ugly rhetoric.

And Americans Left, Right, and Center are sick of it.

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