Ron DeSantis is pouring cold water all over this new Biden political tactic

Democrats know their slim House and Senate majorities are in serious jeopardy with the 2022 midterms quickly approaching.

Party leaders are looking for any new strategy to help them avoid historic losses this coming November.

But Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is pointing out the unbelievability of their latest efforts to save their skins.

It’s no secret Joe Biden’s approval numbers are in the tank.

Even the State of the Union address couldn’t provide a bounce for Biden.

Now, Joe Biden and the rest of the Democrat party are renewing an old tactic – blame someone else.

It worked for President Barack Obama, who blamed former President George W. Bush for every bad thing that happened in his eight-years in the White House.

Biden spent his first year trying to blame former President Donald Trump – but this time around, Americans didn’t buy what the President was selling – and the claims didn’t stop the constant drop in Biden’s approval ratings.

So, the Democrats are shifting blame to someone new – this time it’s Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The Biden Administration first blamed skyrocketing prices at the pump on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – despite the fact gas prices have been increasing since the day Joe Biden stepped foot back in the White House.

Now, they’re going a step further and saying record high inflation rates are also Putin’s fault.

The inflation number from February is up to 7.9%, a 40-year high.

Important to note, that number is not just inflation from last month, it’s a rolling 12-month average.

Again, Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are expecting Americans to forget about a full year of ever-climbing inflation, and believe it’s all Russia’s fault for an invasion that happened just a couple weeks ago.

However, Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is making sure voters see through the Democrat’s desperation tactics.

DeSantis keeps bringing up those pesky facts about Bidenflation that the President hopes you’ll ignore.

“The U.S. hit another 40-year inflation high in February. Bidenflation is driven by skyrocketing energy prices, which fuel price increases throughout the economy, not just for gas. Biden needs to unleash American energy production,” DeSantis tweeted.

Furthermore, DeSantis wants the United States to return to the state of energy independence we enjoyed under President Trump.

“The Biden Administration needs to listen to Americans and increase domestic energy instead of relying on authoritarian regimes to fuel our country,” DeSantis said. “Gas prices are out of control and people are getting hammered at the pump. The time is now to make America energy independent – again.”

Instead of empowering America’s fossil fuel industry, President Biden is reaching out to dangerous dictators, like in Venezuela to import more oil.

We will find out this November if this latest desperate ploy from the Biden Administration actually worked.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for more updates on this ongoing story.

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