Robert Kennedy Jr. just called out Democrats for trying to rig the Primary for Joe Biden

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As the son of Robert F. Kennedy and the nephew of President John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy Jr. was born and raised a Democrat.

But the heir to the Kennedy dynasty is not happy with the direction Joe Biden is taking the modern Democrat Party.

And Robert Kennedy Jr. just called out Democrats for trying to rig the Primary for Joe Biden.

After several months of pushing back his announcement, President Joe Biden finally launched his 2024 reelection campaign on Tuesday.

Most Democrats were hoping Biden would decide to step aside and pass the torch to another left-wing radical in 2024.

President Biden is 80 years old after all, and is clearly suffering from severely declining mental faculties.

According to polling data, the majority of Americans, including the majority of Democrats, do not want him to run for reelection because they do not believe he is mentally fit for office.

But it was Biden’s decision to make, and he tossed his hat in the ring for a shot at four more years in the White House.

However, President Biden is not the only Democrat running for the nomination.

Marrianne Williamson previously declared herself a Democrat candidate for President, but she is not very well-known with voters.

But unlike Williamson, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has the most well-known name in American politics.

Kennedy Jr. is also popular among some conservative circles for his battle against COVID tyranny as the author of the best-selling book, The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health.

Of course, even though they were hoping Biden would step aside, Democrat Party officials began circling their wagons around him the moment he officially launched his campaign.

The Democrat National Committee (DNC) announced it will not be hosting any debates during the 2024 Democrat Presidential Primary.

Kennedy Jr. called out his Party for having a “rigged” primary system.

“The DNC, at this point, has taken the official position that there will be no debate, and I think that’s unfortunate,” Kennedy Jr. told Breitbart News. “When you have so many Americans who are concerned about election integrity, we should be doing everything we can in our party to show that, you know, this is not a rigged system — that it is actually democracy where people can run and that they can get to debate and that the public is gonna be able to see them, and [the DNC is] doing kind of the opposite.”

In another tweet, Kennedy Jr. took Biden to task for being a corporate stooge.

“I have known and liked Joe Biden for many years, but we differ profoundly on fundamental issues such as corporate influence in government, censorship, civil liberties, poverty, corruption, and war policy, among others,” he wrote.

Kennedy Jr. called out Joe Biden and challenged him to “a new era of respectful dialog in these times of division.”

Democrat Party elites are trying to protect Joe Biden from having to debate Robert Kennedy Jr.

But Kennedy Jr. is doing whatever he can to go around Democrats and force Biden on the debate stage.

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