RINO Liz Cheney just got smacked in the face with one bitter dose of reality

Republican voters are sick of establishment cronies.

Voters want representatives that will keep their promises, not play to the D.C. Swamp.

And RINO Liz Cheney just got smacked in the face with one bitter dose of reality.

After Donald Trump’s election in 2016, neocon RINOs like Liz Cheney undermined his agenda almost every step of the way.

But the RINOs twisted the knife in Trump’s back after the Capitol Hill riot.

One of the worst was Republican Congresswoman Liz Cheney of Wyoming, she spent more time railing against Trump than serving her constituents.

Cheney even joined the witch hunt known as the January 6th Select Committee.

However, Cheney’s actions are going to end her career in politics.

According to a recent straw poll in Wyoming, Cheney got decimated by Republican challenger Harriet Hageman.

Out of 71 votes, 59 went to Hageman—who was endorsed by Trump—and only six votes went to Cheney.

After the poll, Hageman commented, “I think it’s a good sign. It’s not an endorsement, but these are the county activists.”

Cheney spokesman Jeremy Adler downplayed the result and said, “The only elections that matter are in August and November.”

In isolation, the straw poll could perhaps be discounted, but this is the culmination of Cheney lighting her political career on fire.

The Wyoming Republican Party recently voted to have Cheney no longer recognized as a party member.

Her vendetta against Trump in the aftermath of January 6th torpedoed her standing with Republicans, but her demise was only a matter of time.

Republican voters are sick of the endless wars that Cheney supports, so her feuds with antiwar voices like Congressman Matt Gaetz did her no favors.

Hageman added that “Liz Cheney has lost Wyoming. Liz Cheney doesn’t live in Wyoming. She doesn’t represent us. She doesn’t represent our values.”

Cheney represents the D.C. establishment, which is why she has suddenly been embraced by corporate outlets like MSNBC.

Cheney isn’t the only RINO to go to war with the GOP.

Fellow select committee member Adam Kinzinger imploded his career by constantly attacking Trump.

Illinois Democrats rewarded him by eliminating his district and ending his Congressional career.

Cheney’s ouster could signal that RINOs are beginning to get phased out of the Republican Party.

Voters want people who will represent them, not the foreign policy establishment.

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