RINO Governor Larry Hogan is giving the globalists exactly what they want on immigration with one move

    The border crisis has exploded on Joe Biden’s watch.

    He immediately unwound Donald Trump’s successful policies upon taking office.

    Now RINO Governor Larry Hogan is giving the globalists exactly what they want on immigration with one move.

    During the 2020 Democrat Primary, all the candidates raised their hands and said they would be in favor of providing healthcare to illegal aliens.

    And Maryland’s RINO Governor Larry Hogan seems to agree with the Democrats on yet another issue.

    Maryland will soon provide prenatal care for pregnant illegal immigrants in the state.

    Timcast reported that “currently, Medicaid is available to citizens and legal permanent residents who have held their residency status for five years. The government program provides undocumented immigrants and ‘lawfully present immigrants who remain ineligible’ only emergency services, including labor and delivery. After the new law goes into effect in July, prenatal and postpartum care for undocumented immigrants will be covered under the program.”

    So in addition to emergency services, illegal aliens will now receive extended medical care, which is expected to raise state spending by $14.8 million.

    According to WTOP news, in Maryland in 2021, “more than 5,000 undocumented immigrant women gave birth in the ER, at a cost of $89 million, about 50% covered by federal funds.”

    State Delegate Joseline Peña-Melnyk, sponsor of the legislation, said, “This legislation is very important because we have seen in the state that there have been close to 6,000 pregnant immigrants who have not had prenatal care due to not having health insurance . . . On many occasions, they have had complications during pregnancy or delivery . . . Pregnancy requires prenatal and postnatal care of the woman to prevent other more serious problems . . . How is it possible that many of our immigrants do not visit a doctor until they are 8 months pregnant and close to giving birth?”

    It’s quite telling that Planned Parenthood does not offer any of the prenatal services that Peña-Melnyk is talking about.

    They are simply an abortion mill.

    Democrats only seem to care about pregnant women in the context of migrants receiving free healthcare benefits.

    The policies being adopted by Maryland and other states will only serve as a magnet for more migrants to come into the country.

    They have every incentive in the world to do so.

    There is barely any deterrence, and politicians are promising them all sorts of goodies.

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