Republicans left Sean Hannity stunned with this answer about impeaching Joe Biden

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Congressional Republicans are uncovering mountains of evidence implicating Joe Biden in a corruption scheme allegedly involving foreign-influence peddling.

But some in Washington, D.C., want to pump the brakes on any impeachment inquiry.

And Republicans left Sean Hannity stunned with this answer about impeaching Joe Biden.

During a recent broadcast of his Fox News show, Sean Hannity held a forum for the new Congressional Republican leadership team and a collection of rank-and-file lawmakers.

The topic of impeachment came up.

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer discovered $240,000 in checks from James and Sara Biden to Joe Biden listed as “loan repayments.”

James and Sara Biden sent these “loan repayments” immediately after receiving payment for Biden family business deals.

One of the $40,000 “loan repayments” was from an energy company in Communist China, linked with the “hold 10% for the big guy” email on Hunter Biden’s laptop, as the energy company sent $400,000 to an LLC controlled by the Biden family interests.

Newly elected Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, told Hannity that unlike Nancy Pelosi – who rushed headfirst into two sham impeachments of Donald Trump – the House GOP would conduct a serious investigation since impeachment is the second most important power that Congress possesses.

“Next to the declaration of war, impeachment is probably the most serious power that Congress has,” Johnson stated. “We do not wield it for political purposes, but we are following the truth where it leads.”

“And you hear the evidence; you hear this laid out and summarized,” Johnson added. “Of course, you know, there’s much more than what we’re able to do in one segment. We’re going to follow the truth where it leads, because we have a constitutional responsibility to do so. We’re on it. We’re going to continue.”

When Hannity asked the Republicans in the room if they thought this investigation would lead to impeachment every single rank-and-file member raised their hand to signify yes.

Joe Biden and his partners in the press all promoted the big lie that Republicans uncovered no evidence of Joe Biden’s corruption.

That is all manifestly untrue.

And Sean Hannity just found out how serious Republicans are about following this impeachment inquiry against Joe Biden to its logical conclusion.

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