Republicans just got stabbed in the back by this so-called “conservative” with one despicable move

Conservatives are constantly engaged in battle against the Washington, D.C. establishment.

That includes establishment RINOs who bend the knee to the Left.

And Republicans just got stabbed in the back by this so-called “conservative” with one despicable move.

Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton 2016 set off a chain of events.

He triggered a never-before-seen media backlash against him.

Trump also exposed many establishment Republicans who actively undermined him and the party.

Some of them started the Never-Trump movement, a loose network of “principled” Republicans who essentially became Democrats because of their disdain for Donald Trump.

One of the most prominent Never-Trumpers is David French, who has become a caricature for promoting the “conservative case for” whatever left-wing priority is on the table.

Now it was revealed that French was actively working to censor conservatives online.

The Federalist reported that “David French, the ‘principled conservative’ who argued drag queen story hours in libraries are ‘blessings of liberty,’ publicly confirmed last week that he’s personally advised Big Tech platforms on how to suppress the speech of people who disagree with leftists. ‘A few years ago I was invited to an off-the-record meeting with senior executives at a major social media company,’ reads the Atlantic contributor and Dispatch senior editor’s first sentence. In 2020, The Dispatch became a paid censor to help Facebook suppress conservative ideas using the pretense of ‘factchecking.’ As a Facebook censor, The Dispatch has helped suppress true information in the service of leftist conversation control. This has included keeping accurate pro-life ads off Facebook in a way that protected the candidacy of Joe Biden and restricted nonviolent political speech. Dispatch CEO Steve Hayes also defended Facebook’s 2020 election interference in the form of throttling a true story about Hunter Biden’s corruption that may financially benefit his father.”

French and the other Never-Trumpers can’t seem to understand that they are the root cause of Trump’s fall within the Republican Party.

For decades, “principled” conservatives have sold out Republican voters in support of establishment priorities, e.g. foreign wars.

The Federalist added that “pro-life advertisements The Dispatch blocked highlighted the abortion-until-birth positions of 2020 Democrats, including Joe Biden. At the time, the NeverTrump website claimed the ads included ‘partly false information…Biden has not expressed support for late-term abortions—which, while not being a medical term, generally refers to abortions performed at 21 weeks or later. And neither candidate has voiced support for abortion “up to the moment of birth,”’ the false Dispatch fact-check stated…The Dispatch claimed that the fact check, which remained up on social media for three days before deletion, was still in ‘draft form’ and was published in ‘error.’”

Democrats never make such “errors” that redound to the benefit of Republicans.

Never-Trumpers can no longer grift off the GOP base like they once did, so they have to find other sources of revenue.

Getting some of Facebook’s fact-checking investment money, which totals $100 million, helps pay the bills.

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