Republicans have turned on one institution that’s ruining America

    The Biden administration is crumbling before everyone’s eyes.

    But the problems facing the country run much deeper than Joe Biden.

    And Republicans have turned on one institution that’s ruining America.

    Democrats have ruined institutions to the point where the American people have lost faith in basic functions.

    For example, people no longer trust the medical establishment after the COVID fiasco where nonsensical rules and regulations changed with the wind.

    And public education has taken a severe beating, particularly among Republicans.

    A Gallup poll showed that “the percentage of Republicans having a great deal or quite a lot of confidence in public schools fell from 34% in 2020 to 20% in 2021 and 14% today. Since 2020, independents’ confidence has declined nine percentage points to 29% and Democrats’ has remained fairly high — currently 43%, versus 48% in 2020. Today’s 29-point gap between Republican and Democratic confidence in public schools contrasts with an average seven points since the start of Gallup’s Confidence in Institutions trend in 1973. Except for a 25-point gap last year, the previous high was 19 points in 2013, likely related to partisan disagreement over the Common Core educational standards at the time.”

    A confidence rating of 14% for Republicans is appallingly low.

    Even Democrats, the supposed champions of government schools, only have 43% confidence.

    That duality is represented by the number of Democrats, particularly those in Congress, who have their own children in private schools.

    Government schools are where all of the power of the Left resides.

    They have had a monopoly on them for decades, and the result has been several generations of children who have been brainwashed.

    And as the Left have moved to the fringes, the indoctrination is getting worse and harder to cover up.

    The one silver lining of the pandemic was the fact that the radicalism taking place inside government schools was finally exposed.

    Parents got to see and hear the insane concepts being taught to their children.

    Neo-Marxist concepts like Critical Race Theory and radical gender ideology were being pumped into their heads without parents even knowing.

    And when parents began showing up at school board meetings and protesting, they were branded terrorists by the Biden administration.

    The education system is the source of the Left’s power, and they won’t give it up without an ugly fight.

    Universities cannot be reformed, but there are upstart “anti-woke” colleges forming, kids are being encouraged to pursue the trades unless their career goals require a degree, and parents can better inoculate their kids to the horrible ideas on college campuses if they know in advance what’s being taught.

    And at the K-12 level, school choice, charter schools, homeschooling, and teaching pods are chipping away at the public education trap.

    It’s going to take a long time to fix the educational rot, but the first step is identifying the problem.

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