Republicans are pushing for Joe Biden to come clean about this sickening immigration lie

Joe Biden has been terrible on a number of issues.

But his immigration policy might be the most harmful of all.

Now, Republicans are pushing for Joe Biden to come clean about one sickening immigration lie.

Ever since taking office, Joe Biden has essentially been implementing open borders policies.

He reversed Donald Trump’s effective “remain in Mexico” policy that dramatically cut down on the number of bogus asylum claims.

The Biden administration also signaled that it was de-emphasizing deportation, effectively creating a sanctuary country for illegal border crossers.

Worse yet, the Biden administration threw its own border agents under the bus based on a lie.

The Democrats tried to cover up the fact that roughly 12,000 Haitian migrants surged the Texas border in 2021.

In order to deflect blame from the border crisis, the Democrat Media Complex accused horseback border agents of whipping Haitian migrants based on a still photo.

The “whips” were horse reins, but that didn’t stop the Democrats from disbanding the mounted border patrol unit and launching an internal investigation into that matter.

But now, House Republicans want to see the results of the investigation.

The GOP members wrote to DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas:

“It has been more than four months since senior members of the Biden Administration, including President Biden and Press Secretary, Jen Psaki participated in a widely spread falsehood and accused United States Border Patrol agents of ‘whipping’ Haitian migrants attempting to illegally cross into the United States near Del Rio, Texas on September 19, 2021.”

Jen Psaki wasn’t the only prominent Democrat to propagate the lie.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters said the incident was worse than what happened during slavery, which is a despicable contention.

The investigation should have been wrapped up within weeks, yet it has dragged on for four months, and there has been no transparency.

The GOP letter included a report of an anonymous border patrol agent explaining that he “doubt[s] the current administration will release this report on the horse patrol incident because it makes the administration look terrible.”

The lie was too good for the Democrats, so they don’t want to give it up.

They don’t want to admit that they hanged their own people out to dry.

The same border agent added:

“[T]hey essentially convicted the mounted agents based upon a lie, which the investigation after 120 days would surely have revealed…My experience would be that this would have been done within a period of weeks.”

The agent also pointed out that no disciplinary action was taken against any border agents.

The Biden administration knows it was a lie, but they are anxious to sweep it under the rug.

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