Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville said four words about impeachment that put a smile on Joe Biden’s face

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Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) is no friend of the Biden administration.

Tuberville is single-handedly holding up hundreds of military nominations and promotions over the attempt to change the Pentagon’s abortion policy.

But Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville just said four words about impeachment that put a smile on Joe Biden’s face.

Senator Tommy Tuberville has been at war with Democrats and the Biden administration for the past six months over the Pentagon’s new policy that pays service members and their families to travel out of state to have an abortion if the procedure is outlawed in their state.

In response to the new policy, Tuberville started blocking military nominations and promotions in the Senate.

Tuberville is currently holding up over 300 nominations over the abortion policy.

He’s facing nasty attacks from both sides of the aisle, including being accused of “aiding and abetting communists and other autocratic regimes” by the U.S. Navy Secretary Carlos Del Toro.

On Tuesday, Tuberville appeared for an interview on MSNBC’s Meet the Press.

Aside from the Senate nominations, Tuberville also offered his thoughts on the move by House Republicans to start an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden.

“Today, I am directing our House committees to open a formal impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden,” McCarthy announced in a statement at the Capitol. “This logical next step will give our committees the full power to gather all the facts and answers for the American public.”

Tuberville went against his Party and urged McCarthy to “not waste time” because he “couldn’t get the votes.”

“You don’t bring a vote to the floor unless you are pretty sure that you can get the amount of votes that you need,” Tuberville said. “I know that wouldn’t make it to anywhere over here in the Senate,” he continued, before adding “that probably wouldn’t even — wouldn’t even let it make it to the floor.”

Tuberville said he will not support any impeachment that is not “ironclad.”

“I’m not for impeachment unless it is ironclad,” he said. “As I said about President Trump, if you’re gonna come after a former President or President, let’s not waste time.”

“We got enough problems up here right now without going through an impeachment process, but they’ll do the right thing,” he added. “Hopefully we just find out what’s going on and American people get the truth.”

McCarthy disagrees with Tuberville and said on Tuesday that House Republicans have “uncovered serious and credible allegations into President Biden’s conduct” that serve as the basis of this impeachment inquiry.

The walls are finally closing in on Joe and Hunter Biden’s potential influence-peddling operation.

And even Tommy Tuberville won’t be able to stop the impeachment battle looming on the horizon.

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