Randi Weingarten’s scheme for America’s children was just exposed and she’s furious

The culture war is quickly heating up.

Democrats can’t believe that the Right is actually fighting back.

Now Randi Weingarten’s scheme for America’s children was just exposed and she’s furious.

Journalist Christopher Rufo has become a nemesis for the Left.

His work in exposing the neo-Marxist ideologies of Critical Race Theory and radical gender theory have been instrumental.

People slowly began to understand that universities had been overtaken by leftist radicals, but they had no idea just how badly K-12 education had been compromised.

Now Rufo and others are showing Americans the rot taking place in their schools.

And the teachers unions are a big reason why education has become so radical.

Randi Weingarten of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), the biggest teachers union in the country, tried to attack Rufo by insinuating that he was a Nazi.

Weingarten wrote, “[P]oliticians [are] following Rufo’s playbook . . . They are banning library books, textbooks, and news services that help students learn to identify misinformation. They are demanding teachers remain neutral on, or worse – teach both sides of – Nazism, slavery, lynching, and other historical atrocities. And they are encouraging lawsuits against teachers and school districts that teach thorough and accurate history. They are marginalizing and dehumanizing LBGTQ students and teachers and same sex families and barring students from receiving mental health services and lessons that foster their social and emotional development and well-being.”

This is deeply dishonest.

First, it’s the Left that are banning iconic American books like To Kill a Mockingbird and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn because they are not “woke” enough for today’s radical leftists.

One of the books that parents are attempting to remove from government school libraries is Gender Queer, a graphic novel that shows oral sex between minor-aged boys in pornographic detail.

Neither Rufo nor anybody else is trying to teach both sides of atrocities like Nazism or slavery – they are uprooting the explicitly Marxist doctrine of CRT.

Weingarten wasn’t the only educator to go after Rufo.

Feminist author and former NYU professor Diane Ravitch accused Rufo of wanting to take America back to 1776.

Rufo is over the target, which is why he is getting attacked so forcefully.

He responded, “[Weingarten] can come after me, but what she doesn’t know is that I represent millions of American parents, and they’re not going to be stopped by a petulant, whiny, deranged, middle aged bureaucrat like Randi Weingarten . . . Randi’s legacy is one of failure, is one of harming kids, and is one of working against the interests of parents . . . She should immediately resign and enroll in a remedial English and grammar course.”

Radical leftists don’t realize the colossal mistake they made by pushing conservatives too far.

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