Radical leftists issued one insane bounty for Brett Kavanaugh

    Democrats are showing that they do not handle political defeat well at all.

    Instead of accepting democratic outcomes, they lash out at their perceived enemies in the most despicable way possible.

    Now radical leftists issued one insane bounty for Brett Kavanaugh.

    The Supreme Court followed through and overturned Roe v. Wade in the landmark Dobbs decision.

    Now the abortion issue goes back to the individual states to decide.

    But that nuance is lost on the Democrats.

    They either don’t know, or don’t care.

    Their interpretation is that abortion is banned everywhere, and other “rights” could soon be off the table.

    And the Democrats are taking out their frustration on the conservative justices on the Supreme Court.

    Protesters have gathered outside the homes of Republican appointees since a draft opinion of the Dobbs decision leaked.

    An unhinged leftist even attempted to assassinate Brett Kavanaugh.

    The entire Left barely batted an eye after the incident; the story was off the front page of The New York Times instantly.

    Now Kavanaugh is being harassed in restaurants.

    Far-left protesters congregated outside of Morton’s Steakhouse in Washington, D.C. where Kavanaugh was dining.

    Apparently an employee at the steakhouse sent a tip to the communist group ShutDownDC, and they’re offering a bounty for others who reveal the whereabouts of conservative SCOTUS members around D.C.

    The group also called in fake reservations to Morton’s.

    ShutDownDC wrote on Twitter, “DC Service Industry Workers… If you see Kavanaugh, Alito, Thomas, Gorsuch, Coney Barrett or Roberts DM us with the details! We’ll venmo you $50 for a confirmed sighting and $200 if they’re still there 30 mins after your message.”

    Needless to say, if conservatives did this to Sonia Sotomayor, it would be armageddon.

    But the Left believe they are justified in whatever they do.

    To their credit, Morton’s denounced the behavior of the protesters, and did not back down after backlash from the Left.

    Morton’s executive Scott Crain said that “we do NOT insert our political beliefs at any time – not with an employee, not with a fellow manager, and most certainly NOT with a guest.”

    The Democrats won’t be satisfied until some left-wing nutjob kills a conservative justice.

    Some would secretly cheer, while others would publicly do so.

    There is no line the Democrats won’t cross.

    They’re putting bounties on Supreme Court justices as if it’s no big deal.

    Meanwhile, “misgendering” someone on Twitter is a bannable offense.

    Stay tuned to Right News Wire for any updates to this ongoing story.

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