Prominent Republicans are seeking to formally censure Biden over this epic failure

The Biden administration is constantly having to put out political fires.

It seems like they’re overseeing one disaster after another.

And now these prominent Republicans are seeking to formally censure Biden over this epic failure.

The crisis at the southern border is arguably the biggest stain on Biden’s Presidency so far.

When Trump left office, the Border Wall was making progress each day and Trump enacted a strict immigration policy that put the safety of American citizens first.

But since Biden took over promising amnesty for illegal immigrants, the situation at the border is a total disaster.

More and more migrants have been showing up daily, with many of these migrants being unaccompanied minors, which has exacerbated the crisis.

The holding facilities are dangerously overcrowded, which is creating environments that enable violent criminals and sexual predators.

Biden dispatched Kamala Harris to deal with the unpopular flashpoint, but she’s only made it worse.

Rather than meeting the problem head on at the border, she avoided it by visiting Mexico City and Guatemala to work with officials there to alleviate the “root causes of the immigration crisis.”

Republicans have had enough, with Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) leading a group of 23 Republicans in an effort to censure the Biden administration for their handling of the border crisis.

She released a statement that argued Biden has been “implementing policies that incentivize illegal immigration like amnesty, catch and release, and abolishing the remain in Mexico policy.”

“Biden’s failure to live up to his oath must be punished,” Boebert concluded.

Other prominent Republicans signing on are Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ), Barry Moore (R-AL), and Bob Good (R-VA).

This censure resolution is just one way Republicans are looking to remind the American people to hold President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris accountable for the mishandling of the situation at the border.

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