Prince Harry just got his book torn to shreds by one famous critic who didn’t pull punches

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are wearing out their welcome.

Even their defenders have grown tired of the self-pity act.

Now Harry just got his book torn to shreds by one famous critic who didn’t pull punches.

Prince Harry’s book Spare is now available and it’s more of the same from the Sussex Royals.

Harry and Meghan split from the family in the most acrimonious way, yet they keep slinging arrows at the family in order to remain in the spotlight.

And famous British television presenter Piers Morgan is sick and tired of their act.

Morgan was forced out of the show Good Morning Britain after he said he didn’t believe their scandalous claims of racism at the hands of the Royal Family in a jaw-dropping interview with Oprah Winfrey.

And Sharon Osbourne was fired from The Talk after defending Morgan.

Now Morgan has read Harry’s new book, and let’s just say that he was not a fan.

Morgan wrote in an op-ed, “After penning 416 pages of nasty, repulsive vitriol about his family, he insisted to ITV’s Tom Bradby: ‘Nothing of what I’ve done in this book or otherwise has ever been with any intention to harm them or hurt them.’ This was the royal equivalent of Bill Clinton’s infamous ‘I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky’ denial of something everyone, including him, knew to be 100% true.”

Harry’s actions certainly belie his words.

Making scurrilous claims of racism against the family suggests bad faith on his part, and the book is more of the same.

Morgan added that “Harry fully intended to cause maximum harm and hurt to his family with this literary weapon of mass destruction. That’s been his relentless mission since quitting the royals, Britain, and public duty three years ago. The book starts as it means to go on, with him revealing intensely private conversations with his father and brother hours after Prince Philip’s funeral. Can you imagine a more despicably intrusive thing for a family member to put into the public domain? Or a more disgustingly hypocritical thing for someone to do when they’ve spent years whining about media intrusion into their family?”

For someone who’s eager to break away from the family, Harry certainly gloms onto them a lot when he and his wife are supposed to be making their own way.

Morgan skewered the book bit by bit and argued that Harry and Meghan should be stripped of all their titles.

If their wish is to truly break from the family, they should welcome such an action.

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