Portland continues its streak of being a leftist-controlled hellhole after crippling their police officers with these new measures

Portland is the last place in America you want to live.

It is a place where criminals run rampant and the leftist focus on attacking police officers is the predominant viewpoint.

And Portland continues its streak of being a leftist-controlled hellhole after crippling their police officers with these new measures.

You can’t deny the fact that the West Coast is going to hell real quick.

The states of Washington, California, and Oregon are controlled by extreme leftists and you can see the results in real time.

And Portland is the perfect example.

Portland used to be a decent city to live in.

But over the past couple years, the city has turned into an attraction for Antifa as left-wing city leaders openly champion their radical policies.

And when crap hit the fan across the nation with the Black Lives Matter riots, Portland got hit harder than nearly anyone could have imagined. 

They terrorized residents of Portland for months as they ransacked the city in the name of George Floyd.

Most noticeably they vandalized and tried to burn down the federal courthouse in Portland numerous times to the point that Trump had to send federal agents there to protect federal buildings. 

But the rioting and looting has never stopped.

And now the leftists in Portland have a new target:  Their own police officers. 

The leadership in Portland has put handicaps on the officers and has continually put them in bad situations.

Just recently a crowd control officer was indicted for unlawful force when he tried to subdue a violent rioter.

So rioters can attack the officers and hurl explosive devices at them but the officers can’t defend themselves.

This action prompted the 50 man crowd control unit to resign en masse from their positions. 

And in another slap in the face to them Portland’s leadership has decided to force the police department to stop carrying out traffic stops and searches within the city with the exception of a few extraordinary circumstances.

Portland’s Democrat Mayor Ted Wheeler and Police Chief Chuck Lovell just announced that the officers in Portland must only do a traffic stop only when drivers are speeding, under the influence, or in some way endangering others on the road.

And for searches of vehicles, the officer must now record all consents to searches.

Lovell claimed “[t]his is a time where officers are, I think most of them know, we’re in a time of change. Reform is upon us, and we’re really looking at ways that we can meld what the community is asking for with public safety at the same time.”

So as Portland becomes hell on earth, the leadership of Portland decided to continue to handicap police officers who are just trying to protect city residents. 

Give the Democrats control of anything and it turns to crap.