Porsche drives like the wind and soon could run on it too

The rush to produce “green” automobiles has been driven mainly by expensive and faulty EVs.

But some automakers have taken a more cautious approach working on alternative fuel cars that are just as powerful and efficient as gas-powered vehicles.

Now Porsche, which drives like the wind, may soon run on it too.

While most of the world’s automakers have been rushing to create electric vehicles (EVs) some automakers have been more careful in their mad dash to “go green.”

Toyota, once seen as the king of EVs for the common man (sorry Elon), is working on hydrogen-fueled vehicles.

And Honda has joined the race, designing their own hydrogen-based vehicles.

But now Porsche, the classiest of the sports cars, is looking into a different idea altogether.

The ionic sports car manufacturer recently filled up their classic 911 with a new synthetic fuel created out of water and air.

The eFuel was developed by the company Highly Innovative Fuels that Porsche has invested in as a way to stop being forced to go all-electric in the future zero-carbon world being forced upon us.

And to prove it’s not just a slogan to say they will be running on wind – Porsche uses fuel made at Highly Innovative Fuels.

They make the new fuel at a wind-powered plant in Punta Arenas, Chile, where the wind blows an average of 270 days per year.

The innovative fuel combines carbon captured from the atmosphere with hydrogen from the water to create methane, which is then converted into fuel that works the same as gasoline.

A Porsche spokesman recently told Fox News Digital the 911 used to demonstrate the new fuel required no modifications to use it.

And Porsche claims that virtually any gasoline car could use the new fuel without any changes.

The plant in Chile currently has an output of only 34,342 gallons per year, but given the early success of tests like Porsche’s, will be ramped up to 145.3 million gallons by late this decade.

Another drawback is the current price tag. 

It currently costs $45 per gallon to make, meaning the sale price would be out of range for almost everyone.

But according to Motor Trend, by 2026, the cost will be down to only $8.00 per gallon, about what Californians were paying for gasoline earlier this year.

Until the price drops significantly, Porsche will only be using the new fuel in their special projects, including use as the fuel for the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup racing series.

Since the fuel requires as much carbon dioxide to make as it emits, it is a net-zero fuel and could be approved for widespread use under future worldwide zero-emissions rules. 

Porsche, as well as other sports car companies and Formula One have been investigating this fuel as it preserves the performance and the awesome sound of the internal combustion engines.

The CEO of Lamborghini, Stephan Winkelmann, recently told Fox News Digital that the Italian car maker is also very interested in the new fuel.

It is at least possible that a number of automakers will soon be regretting their mad race to switch to EVs, especially given the relentless problems and inefficiencies that have come to light recently.

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