Pope Francis’ latest move will make traditional Catholics jump for joy

Pope Francis is far from a traditional Catholic.

Often his decisions infuriate more conservative members of the church.

But Pope Francis’ latest move will make traditional Catholics jump for joy.

The leadership of the Catholic Church is largely made up of two groups of people – those who support the traditional values of the church, and those who believe the Catholic Church needs to be reformed with more mainstream positions. 

That fight is being fought every day within the church.

And even with Pope Francis at the helm, traditional Catholics have been making a series of wins.

Recently, the Vatican even went so far as to put out a directive making it clear that Catholic churches cannot bless same sex unions, stating that God “cannot bless sin.”

And just this week, Pope Francis approved an addition to the Vatican’s Code of Canon Law which seals loopholes in canon law in order to ensure the punishment of predator priests and subversives who attempt to ordain women. 

This revision of Book VI of the Code of Canon Law was initiated under Pope Benedict XVI, and was pushed as a response to the “disconcerting and very serious episodes of pedophilia” at the hands of abusive clergy, along with “a climate of excessive relaxation in the application of criminal law.”

Previously, punishment for these offenses were recommended, but now, under this revision, punishment for such offenses is required. 

There have been efforts in recent years to bring women into higher leadership roles in the Catholic Church, including the priesthood. 

Recently, there have even been churches referring to themselves as Catholic “ordaining” female priests. 

The priesthood has been a male-only vocation since the beginning, when Jesus chose 12 men to be his apostles.

Traditional Catholics have been fighting attempts to change this, and in a surprising twist, it is Pope Francis who hands them the win. 

Harsher punishment for pedophile priests is also a major win, but is much less controversial.

While any amount of pedophilia in the church is despicable, the cases of such sex abuse are minuscule compared to other major institutions involving children, like government schools.  

The biggest opposition to such a measure comes down to the fact that pedophilia in the church is directly linked to homosexuality in the priesthood. 

Of the cases of sex abuse in the church, the vast majority of victims are young boys, with their offender being a homosexual priest. 

Getting to the core of the problem will require the acceptance of this fact. 

Some left-wing figures in the church would rather cover up cases of sexual abuse, rather than accepting that fact.

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