Pope Francis backpedals after calling out Joe Biden for supporting this grave sin

Catholics around the world have been questioning the very legitimacy of Pope Francis.

Some even believe he is nothing more than a communist plant installed to destroy the Catholic church.

And now the Pope is backpedaling after calling out Joe Biden for supporting this grave sin.

This current Pope is nothing if not controversial.

Leading Catholics around the world, including some Bishops and Cardinals, have even called him illegitimate, and a tool of the communists.

And the ongoing actions and statements of Pope Francis sure leave non-Catholics scratching their heads over the direction of the Church under Francis.

Nowhere is the schizophrenia of the Catholic Church more noticeable than in the United States.

So-called “Catholic” politicians are actively promoting major policy goals clearly at odds with Catholic teachings. Abortion, gay marriage, transgenderism, and other issues are in direct contradiction to the Catholic Church, and yet being promoted and forced on the American public by so-called “Catholic” elected officials.

Joe Biden is a perfect example. He is (allegedly) a Catholic, yet he certainly doesn’t act like one.

Now His Holiness Pope Francis has called into question Biden’s “incoherence” on the issue of abortion, as reported by Catholic News Agency.

Pope Francis, commented on Biden’s abortion position in an interview with Univision and Televisa, after being asked “about whether to admit politicians who promote legal abortion to Holy Communion.”

This is where Pope Francis got confusing. Because as for president Biden, Francis said that’s up to Biden’s “conscience” and “Let (Biden) talk to his pastor about that incoherence.”

Biden’s incoherence? What about the Pope’s incoherence? The Pope clearly says life begins at conception, he hasn’t changed the Catholic position on that issue, at least not yet.

But he doesn’t call out Joe Biden on the issue? Instead he says it’s a personal issue.

Of course we shouldn’t be too surprised. Nancy Pelosi was forbidden by her Bishop from receiving communion because of her radical pro-abortion views, yet when she visited the Vatican recently, she received communion, presumably with the Pope’s blessing.

Biden’s belief in abortion is in direct conflict with Catholic teaching, since Biden said he “did not ‘agree’ that life begins at conception” in September 2021, and that “I respect them — those who believe life begins at the moment of conception and all — I respect that. Don’t agree, but I respect that.”

He certainly doesn’t respect his own church; he has made that very clear.

Yet the Pope was himself incoherent in his comments about Joe Biden.

Incoherent? Or maybe, just maybe some of the Catholics concerned about this current Pope have it right, maybe he’s not crazy, or incoherent, maybe Pope Francis is a communist plant after all.

Either way he is causing harm to both the Catholic Church and the world.

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