Paul Ryan described his political views by two words that had conservatives laughing out loud

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

Former House Speaker Paul Ryan has a long history of stabbing conservatives in the back.

Ryan is an establishment insider whose true loyalty is to the Swamp.

But Paul Ryan just described his political views by two words that had conservatives laughing out loud.

Paul Ryan’s establishment past

Paul Ryan has been an establishment insider for most of his entire adult life.

He worked in the Capitol as a Congressional aide until he was elected to the Swamp in 1998.

In 2012, Mitt Romney selected Paul Ryan as his Vice Presidential running mate in his failed campaign against Barack Obama.

In 2015, Ryan was elected as the new House Speaker after John Boehner went down in flames to a conservative in the Primary.

As House Speaker, Ryan worked to fully fund Barack Obama’s socialist agenda.

He also supported out-of-control spending, open borders, and gun control.

When Donald Trump was elected President, Ryan went out of his way to sabotage his border wall.

Ryan spent the past few years looking to take back control of the GOP away from Donald Trump and his America First supporters.

Paul Ryan is an “anti-establishment Republican”

But despite his long history of serving as a Swamp insider, Paul Ryan recently described himself as an “anti-establishment Republican.”

During an interview last week with the Washington Post, Ryan ripped Donald Trump as the “establishment” and tried to position himself as an outsider change agent.

“I am in the minority in my party right now,” Ryan said. “I’m not in the establishment,” he continued. “I’m frankly an anti-establishment Republican.”

He then blasted Trump as an establishment lackey.

“And you, I think you can safely argue — I don’t enjoy acknowledging this — that Trump is the establishment and Trump populism is the establishment and that Trump populism is this more isolationist strain that I think is wrong and dangerous and I don’t support, but that does represent a large swath of Republican voters,” Ryan said.

But Donald Trump was not the only one Paul Ryan went after in his interview.

Ryan attacks Tucker Carlson and praises Nikki Haley

He also took aim at Tucker Carlson for being a “very, very dangerous” man.

“That was astounding to me,” he said in reference to Carlson interviewing Vladimir Putin. “You know, that one takes the cake, frankly.”

“What worries me more, not just Tucker, that’s a symptom of all this, is that they’re curating sympathy in America,” he said. “And they’re, they’re helping nurture and develop an isolationist wing, in my party and in our country, which I think is very, very dangerous.”

He also heaped praise on RINO Nikki Haley for not dropping out of the race despite having zero chance of winning.

“I do think she’s bringing up a healthy dialogue, raising the important questions,” Ryan said. “So I think it’s healthy for our party that she stays in the race.”

Paul Ryan has said a lot of outrageous things over the years.

But conservatives never would have predicted that he would call himself “anti-establishment.”

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