Parent gave shocking testimony that proved Ron DeSantis was right about one dangerous agenda

The radical Left rely on their monopoly on government education.

That’s where their worst ideas get pumped into the heads of impressionable children.

And a parent gave shocking testimony that proved Ron DeSantis was right about one dangerous agenda.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was ripped up and down by the Left for signing the Parental Rights in Education bill into law, which simply barred public school employees from engaging in classroom discussions about sexual orientation and gender identity in grades K-3.

Tulsi Gabbard and other people in the growing non-woke coalition said the law didn’t even go far enough.

And one mother in Souderton, Pennsylvania – roughly one hour outside of Philadelphia – told a harrowing story about how public school employees fed destructive ideas into her daughter’s head.

The mother said before a school board meeting, “[F]or a child to believe something you have to tell them 14 times before they start to believe it . . . By the end of the year, three of the teachers that she had in her classrooms were repeating things to her. She began cutting herself. She became depressed. By the end of the school year, she was also calling herself by a different name. This parent was not informed of these things. I came in for an open house for art, and I saw her name was something different. I am a parent, and as a parent, I should be informed of these things. This is a mental health issue that needed to be addressed.”

The mother held up a picture of a daughter who dressed and presented as a gender-typical female.

She continued, “So her second year, under the disguise of a fundraiser, one of the teachers . . . who was encouraging her in these behaviors, to these children and had their heads shaved for a fundraiser. So they’d look more like what they ‘identified’ with. I just want to say that here I am today and my child has now removed her breasts, is taking testosterone. This causes atrophy. It causes the muscles in her vagina to collapse to the point of incontinence. But these are not the facts that anyone shares with you. And it only takes 14 times for a child to start believing this. I’m asking this board to be monitoring what your teachers are saying to these children. I’m asking you that these parents do not have to suffer through this like I have.”

It’s bad enough that teachers are suggesting this radical claptrap to kids – it’s unconscionable that they’re doing it behind the backs of parents.

This is precisely why parents are beginning to take over school boards and remain vigilant.

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