Papa John’s looked to New York for inspiration for this mouthwatering new menu item

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The always competitive pizza industry has chains looking to innovate to get an edge.

Now one of the industry leaders is relying on a beloved topping.

And Papa John’s looked to New York for inspiration for this mouthwatering new menu item.

Papa John’s changing up its pepperoni

Pepperoni is always one of the most popular choices for a pizza topping.

Now Papa John’s is introducing three new menu items that feature a special premium pepperoni.

The chain announced the new Crispy Cuppy ‘Roni menu, which includes the NY Style Crispy Cuppy ‘Roni Pizza, Crispy Cuppy ‘Roni Papa Bites, and the Crispy Cuppy ‘Roni Papadia for a limited time.

And the star of the show for this new lineup is the unique pepperoni used.

When it’s cooked, the edges curl up to form a cup and some will be ever so slightly blackened on the edges.

That creates a slightly crispy pepperoni that gives the ‘Roni menu a little bit of crunch.

“We’re always looking for fresh ways to show up for pizza lovers and what better way to honor their pizza devotion than a lineup of cupping pepperoni menu items like no other,” Papa John’s Senior Vice President of Menu Strategy and Product Kimberly Bean said. “The Crispy Cuppy ‘Roni platform is dedicated to all pepperoni fans– as we know they crave pepperoni in new and unexpected ways. We saw it in our limited-time offerings with the Epic Pepperoni Stuffed Crust Pizza with pepperoni in the crust, and the Shaq-A-Roni with the increased quantity of pepperoni on the pizza. So now we’re fueling their pepperoni obsession with three new cupping pepperoni menu innovations.”

Papa John’s twist on the classic New York-style pizza

The NY Style Crispy Cuppy ‘Roni Pizza is a 16-inch New York-style pizza featuring the big foldable slices found in the Big Apple.

Instead of the classic pizza sauce Papa John’s uses, it features a new creamier tomato sauce to go with a three-cheese blend.

Papa John’s Crispy Cuppy ‘Roni Papa Bites is a delicious blend of the cupping pepperoni, classic pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, and drizzled with garlic parm that’s blended with dough into bite-size pieces.

And they come with a side of pizza sauce to dip them in.

Their Crispy Cuppy ‘Roni Papadia is a piece of flatbread folded in half and baked with the cupping pepperoni, creamy tomato sauce, and a blend of cheeses for a handheld option.

Cupping pepperoni has been used on limited edition items previously at Little Caesars and Pizza Hut.

And now Papa John’s is leaning into a fan-favorite topping for its latest menu addition.

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