Oprah ended up in the hospital for this disgusting reason

Photo by Alan Light , CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr, https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/

Oprah is one of the few celebrities who is so famous she can go by only one name.

But Oprah is likely unhappy for the reasons she’s now in the headlines.

And Oprah ended up in the hospital for this disgusting reason.

CBS host Gayle King reveals gross reason Oprah ended up hospitalized

Oprah began her eponymous book club in 1996.

Over the course of the 15 years that it officially ran, Oprah, naming a book as her selection of the month was a ticket to riches.

Fordham University Marketing Professor Al Grecco estimated the 70 Oprah Book Club selections sold 55 million copies thanks to Oprah’s large and rabid fan base following her every lifestyle suggestion.

Oprah now makes book club selections on social media and was supposed to appear on Gayle King’s CBS show to promote her latest pick.

But Oprah had to cancel.

King went into somewhat – and completely unnecessary – graphic detail about the stomach flu that kept Oprah from appearing on her show.

“She had some kind of stomach thing — stomach flu — stuff was coming out of both ends,” King stated.

Even though King said she didn’t want to get too graphic, she clearly gave too much information by revealing Oprah’s bowel movements were nonstop.

“I won’t get too graphic. Needless to say, she ended up in the hospital, dehydration, had to get an IV, it was a very serious thing,” King added.

A statement from Oprah’s camp to the New York Post said that Oprah “is recovering following a stomach flu and received an IV due to dehydration at the recommendation of her doctor.”

“She is resting and feeling better every day,” the statement added.

What Oprah was supposed to promote

King informed her audience that Oprah wanted to reschedule her appearance because she really believes in the book she wanted to recommend.

“I wanted to make it clear that [the book] matters to her and it really bothered her that she couldn’t be here today. She so, so loved this book,” King told her viewers.

“[I hope] she’s not mad at me for sharing that detail,” King said of revealing Oprah couldn’t stop going to the bathroom because of the flu.

Oprah’s latest book club selection was David Wroblewski’s Familiaris.

In a post on social media, Oprah gushed about the book, which was a follow-up to a 2008 book club pick.

“Many of you might recognize the author’s name because he wrote my 2008 book club pick, The Story of Edgar Sawtelle,” Oprah began.

“Now David has written a follow up to that epic novel with the origin story of the Sawtelle family and the legendary dogs they became famous for,” Oprah added.

“This riveting family saga takes us on an extraordinary journey that brilliantly interweaves history, philosophy, adventure, and mysticism to explore the meaning of love, friendship and living your life’s true purpose,” Oprah concluded.