One woke school board has parents and the country up in arms over this proposal

Radical leftists have a vise grip on American education.

These days, the far-left views have trickled down from universities to government schools.

And one woke school board has parents and the country up in arms over this proposal.

Leftists have been chipping away at American society for decades.

The rot now runs so deep, reciting the Pledge of Allegiance has now become a controversial act.

And a school board in North Dakota just scrapped the Pledge because it’s not “inclusive” enough.

The Daily Wire reported that “a school board in North Dakota has stopped saying the Pledge of Allegiance before meetings, claiming that the mention of the word ‘God’ runs contrary to the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) . . . [T]he Fargo, North Dakota, school board voted 7 – 2 to ditch the pledge after board members complained that capitalized ‘God’ was ‘non-inclusionary.’ The school board had previously begun reciting the pledge after it passed a motion on March 22 to start each meeting with it.”

Conservatives and moderate liberals have made two major mistakes.

First, they thought radical ideas would stay on college campuses forever.

Second, they thought red states would be safe from these extremist concepts.

The reality is that teachers must go through colleges of Education and teacher certification, which are processes utterly dominated by the Left.

Books written by avowed socialists are part of the core curriculum in schools of Education.

Fargo board member Seth Holden said, “Given that the word ‘God’ in the text of the Pledge of Allegiance is capitalized . . . The text is clearly referring to the Judeo-Christian god and therefore, it does not include any other face [sic] such as Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, all of which are practiced by our staff and students at FPS.”

The leftist dark triad of diversity, inclusivity, and equity is spreading faster than COVID, and it is tearing apart the country.

Leftism is an expansionist secular religion that bulldozes all other ideologies.

It is incompatible with other forms of thought when taken to its extreme.

Government schools even in red states are susceptible to indoctrination, and sadly, private schools in many places may not be any better.

This is why parents have begun speaking out and protesting school board meetings, which drew the ire of the Left.

Attorney General Merrick Garland authorized the FBI to target parents who showed up at meetings and pushed back against the Left’s radical agenda.

Education is the heart of the Left, and they will do anything to defend it.

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