One threat against Justice Brett Kavanaugh will send a chill down your spine

Democrats have convinced themselves that anything they do is justified.

That includes political violence.

And one threat against Justice Brett Kavanaugh will send a chill down your spine.

Democrats have become unhinged ever since the Supreme Court ruling in the Dobbs decision that overturned Roe v. Wade.

The ruling means that each state gets to set its own abortion laws, but Democrats have demagogued to the point where people believe abortion was outlawed.

Some leftists even said they were leaving America over abortion, oblivious to the fact that the countries of Europe have far stricter abortion laws than some blue states like California and New York.

Nevertheless, the fear-mongering over abortion has wound up some deranged Democrats, and one of them traveled to Maryland intent on killing Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

And it’s even more disturbing to hear the 911 call.

Instead of ratcheting down the tension, Democrats are escalating matters.

Protests and harassment of conservative Supreme Court Justices continue, and the corporate-controlled press has barely lifted a finger.

The New York Times essentially ignored an assassination attempt on a Supreme Court Justice.

If Sonia Sotomayor had been the target instead of Kavanaugh, the story would have never left the front pages of all the papers.

There would have been FBI investigations into the perpetrator, as well as any affiliated groups.

Instead, far-left groups are allowed to operate with impunity.

A communist group called ShutDownDC effectively put a bounty on conservative Justices’ heads.

The group announced on Twitter, “DC Service Industry Workers… If you see Kavanaugh, Alito, Thomas, Gorsuch, Coney Barrett or Roberts DM us with the details! We’ll venmo you $50 for a confirmed sighting and $200 if they’re still there 30 mins after your message.”

The group’s goal is constant terror, and if some deranged follower goes rogue and commits an act of violence, oh well.

The media will just ignore it anyway.

Another group openly called for terror in the streets – the far-left organization Jane’s Revenge said in a statement, “Whatever form your fury takes, the first step is feeling it. The next step is carrying that anger out into the world and expressing it physically. Consider this your call to action. On the night the final ruling is issued——a specific date we cannot yet predict, but we know is arriving imminently——we are asking for courageous hearts to come out after dark. Whoever you are and wherever you are, we are asking for you to do what you can to make your anger known.”

Meanwhile, far-left groups have firebombed crisis pregnancy centers and Catholic churches across the country with no criticism from the White House or the corporate-controlled press.

Democrats and the national media elites will tolerate any violence from their radical base.

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