One state is taking a stand against Biden’s disastrous border policies

    Joe Biden is steering the country off a cliff.

    He has exacerbated one issue after another.

    But one state is taking a stand against Biden’s disastrous policies.

    Of all the problems Biden has made worse or flat-out created, the crisis at the southern border ranks near the top.

    Record-high numbers of illegal aliens are showing up at the border, and Biden’s administration is encouraging more with inane policies.

    Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said his department would be de-emphasizing deportations for illegal aliens who have not committed additional crimes in the United States, and Biden is moving forward with undoing Donald Trump’s effective Remain in Mexico policy.

    But Texas Governor Greg Abbott and county legislators are taking action to stem the tide of illegal immigration into the country.

    The Houston Chronicle reported that “leaders in several border counties declared Tuesday they are under ‘invasion’ and called on Gov. Greg Abbott to start expelling migrants suspected of crossing into the country illegally. The move aligns with some conservative officials and activists who have privately urged Abbott to begin unilaterally enforcing federal immigration laws. Expelling migrants from the country would be unprecedented for the state but justified, they argue, because of the Biden administration’s push to roll back Trump-era border policies and expand legal pathways for migrants to enter the country.”

    At every turn, the Biden administration has worsened conditions on the border.

    Biden was eager to get rid of Title 42, a regulation that blocked migrants from coming into the country due to the COVID pandemic.

    Also, border crossers have not been subjected to Biden’s heavy-handed vaccine mandates.

    In that regard, noncitizens had more freedoms than American citizens who were faced with the prospect of losing their jobs over the vaccine.

    It’s difficult to quibble with Texas officials declaring an “invasion” when record numbers of migrants are showing up, and more well-funded migrant caravans continue to travel north through Mexico.

    The policies of the Democrats have served as magnets for more people to flood into the country, and risk death on the journey north.

    Kinney County Judge Tully Shahan said, “This is not a photo op today…We don’t want to lose America…The Biden administration won’t do a thing about it.”

    The Biden administration has been caught putting migrants on planes and flying them to the interior of the country.

    Biden is actively fueling the crisis.

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