One state is poised to make this decision for every corporation by January 1

Uncle Sam isn’t the only government entity stepping up to “take care” of women as Biden put it recently.

As the gender wars rage, one state is about to escalate the crisis – and other blue states are likely to follow.

That’s because one state is poised to make this decision for every corporation by January 1.

Soon packing board rooms full of a politically correct hormonal and color balance will be law in one state.

No doubt, corporations in California are frantically auditing their boards to make sure they’re playing by the rules.

California’s latest boardroom diversity law will kick into effect January 1, 2022.

An eight-member board will need to have at least three members from “underrepresented communities.”

According to a Harvard Law article, companies that don’t play by the rules will be fined $100,000 for the first violation and $300,000 for every violation after that.

No doubt, some of the people in those “underrepresented communities” absolutely earned their place at the table.

It has to chafe corporate board members to have quota take part of the credit for their success.

Meanwhile, a December 1 trial date has been set for a last-minute court challenge saying that favoring certain groups is a violation of equal protection for anyone who might be the best candidate for the job.

If the courts don’t put a stop to the policy, it’s likely other states will follow suit quickly.

Writing in Forbes, Michael Peregrine predicts this law will affect the entire U.S. business climate.

“And while it’s a politically driven policy, Peregrine writes that all corporate boards should be paying attention because, “The new law underscores the continuing willingness of legislatures and other corporate stakeholders to directly intervene in corporate governance. The Wall Street Journal notes that the broader business community has not sought to challenge the new law, in part because of the pressure from institutional investors such as BlackRock Inc. and State Street Corp. and public officials such as New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer to increase gender diversity on their boards.”

The truth is, there is nothing fundamentally new about this legislation.

Leftists have been trying to fix human shortcomings with quotas for decades (probably centuries in some form).

What is remarkable is their incredible commitment to the same old policies to fix the same old problems.

They’d probably be a lot farther ahead if they would quit fiddling with private companies’ inner workings and let consumers vote with their dollars.

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