One Stanford professor was shockingly smeared for what he said about the coronavirus

The coronavirus fear-mongers will not allow dissent.

Even pedigreed doctors are being barred from speaking their minds if their conclusions are counter-narrative.

And one Stanford professor was shockingly smeared for what he said about the coronavirus.

The COVID-19 response is no longer about science – it is now about compliance, and it has been that way for a long time.

And Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, Professor of Medicine at Stanford University and one of the creators of the Great Barrington Declaration, was attacked by students and colleagues at the school for his views on COVID.

The Federalist reports:

“Last week, anonymous posters with the portrait of Stanford University Professor of Medicine Dr. Jay Bhattacharya were plastered on kiosks around the Stanford campus, linking him to COVID deaths in Florida. Even though cumulative age-adjusted COVID mortality is lower in Florida than in most other large states, these smears appeared. Taking it one step further, the chair of Stanford’s epidemiology department, Professor Melissa Bondy, circulated a petition among faculty members demanding that the university president exercise his obligation ‘to clarify for the faculty the limits of public pronouncements when proclaiming on public health policy.’”

In other words, COVID-hysterics at Stanford were furious that Dr. Bhattacharya went against the regime.

Bhattacharya cited studies that showed masking children had no proven efficacy in reducing the spread and severity of COVID.

Other studies also show negligible efficacy in adults as well.

But again, COVID protocols are about compliance.

It doesn’t matter that mandates are ineffective.

Everyone must comply and hew to the establishment line.

The Federalist continued:

“The petitioners are upset that ‘several Stanford faculty members have publicly advocated for policies for others that are contrary to those the university has adopted’ and that ‘these recommendations are disturbing and contrary to public health standards; they foster uncertainty and anxiety and put lives at risk.’”

Science has been politicized by the establishment, and the Stanford faculty want Bhattacharya walking in lockstep.

Something as simple as whether or not masks work shouldn’t be a partisan issue, but that’s what has happened because of COVID tyrants.

The Great Barrington Declaration has attracted physicians and healthcare professionals around the globe who have pushed back on the nonsensical COVID protocols.

Despite their credentials, they’ve been marginalized and smeared.

The establishment demands complete uniformity of thought.

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